April 5, 2023

Monday, January 15, 2024

Hear Ye Hear Ye

Public Hearing on the new bike plan

Friday, February 2, 8:30 am, Room 40 City Hall (Basement). The Saint Paul Planning Commission has set a Public Hearing to take public comments on the Saint Paul Bicycle Plan. Formal comment on the Bicycle Plan can be made in any of the following ways: 

  • In-person on February 2
  • By emailing bikes@stpaul.gov
  • By U.S. Mail to Saint Paul Planning Commission, c/o Jimmy Shoemaker; 800 City Hall Annex; 25 West Fourth Street; Saint Paul, MN 55102

All email and U.S. Mail comments must include name and address. Comments must be received before February 5 at 4:30 pm. Let's be sure that the Planning Commission hears strong support for the new plan which features lots of separated bikeways.

Please send written comments, even if you plan to speak at the Hearing.

This bears repeating and can be inspiration for your comments:

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Thank you to those who responded to our appeal for financial support last month. We truly appreciate it. Our needs continue and if you didn't chip in last month, but can this month, please do!

·     The litigation efforts take money, and we need your help financially. 

Historic Summit Avenue – SOS

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Historic Summit Avenue

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  • If you would like to host an event for friends and neighbors to support SOS, please let us know and we will have a member of our ‘speakers bureau’ attend to provide an update

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ABOUT SOS (Save Our Street)

Save Our Street is a citizen group that seeks to educate and advocate for the preservation of the historic streetscape of Summit Avenue as a treasured St. Paul destination and a safe, tree-lined, multi-modal corridor for generations to come. SaveSummitAvenue.org

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