December 9, 2020

Being the wise snail that Bijou is, his friends and family have been asking him for gift giving suggestions. Bijou asked the staff at Zentangle HQ for help coming up with some new ideas. Whether you are shopping for yourself or giving a gift, we think these ideas are too good not to share!

Bijou is excited to share with you his 2020 Gift Guide!
Jen's pick...
Give the gift of Zentangle this holiday season with a Zentangle Primer Pack Vol. 1. Perfect for both beginners and the Zentangle enthusiast, the Primer Pack contains a copy of the Zentangle Primer Volume 1, a guide for every tangler, and all of the materials you need to jump start your Zentangle journey.

Take tangling one step further and pair with the Zentangle Pre-Strung Journal, a field notes companion to the Zentangle Primer Vol. 1. 
Bijou will bundle these two items together, a wonderful surprise for tanglers both new and "seasonal." He has offered to tie a ribbon* and include a special gift tag around every bundle ordered now through December 31, 2020. 

Molly's pick...
If you’re looking for something for the avid tangler in your life then this bundle is for you! I love thematic gifts and this one is all about shades. Our custom-made Shades Journal offers a unique, luxurious tangling experience. With a mix of white, tan, gray and black papers you can fill this book with all sorts of tangled masterpieces that dig deep in to shadow and highlights.
Complement this amazing journal with a beautiful silk scarf filled with original tangles in every range of gray you can imagine. The great gift for the special Zentangle artist in your life (even if that person is you!).

Bijou will bundle these two items together for a truly thoughtful Zentangle gift. He has offered to tie a ribbon* and include a special gift tag around every bundle ordered now through December 31, 2020.

Rick and Maria's pick...
During these cold winter months, Maria loves nothing more than cozying up by the warm fire with a good book or her tangling supplies. Bringing the best of both worlds together, Maria suggests giving the 3 books from the Zentangle library. 

The Book of Zentangle, Zentangle Primer Vol. 1 and The Zentangle Collection of Reticula and Fragments are wonderful resources and a fountain of information for any tangler! 
Bijou will bundle these three books together and they are a great addition to any tanglers library. He has offered to tie a ribbon* and include a special gift tag around every bundle ordered now through December 31, 2020.

Martha's pick...
The Zentangle Apprentice Project Pack is the Martha's pick for the younger (or young at heart!) tangler in your life.

Introduce the Zentangle Method to your younger friends and family in the comfort of their own home. Learn more about the Apprentice Project Pack here.

Julie's pick...
The Tangle Terms Tote is just the thing for holding all of your Zentangle supplies or delivering some holiday treats to your friends and neighbors! Screen printed on one side from seam to seam in original artwork from Maria Thomas, it is beautiful, unique and informative!

This custom made 100% cotton two tone tote bag measures 18"x 14.5”x 3” with 25” handles.

Sue and Jane's pick...
Big possibilities packed into a tiny little tin, Jane and Sue think the Tinful of Bijou’s are perfect for every tangler! Available in white, black, tan and gray, Bijou’s are the ideal choice for a quick tangle, a mono tangle, a gift tag and more! Everyone loves having these tiny little treasures in their tangle tools. And it fits in a stocking quite nicely!
And while we are speaking of tiny treasures, the Bijou Decal is the perfect adornment for your window or computer. Bijou is too modest to suggest this himself, but we think it is worth a mention!

Stephanie's pick...
Give the gift of calm and tranquility this busy holiday season with the Zentangle Sounds CD. Each song on this CD is played by Rick on a flute that he made. Zentangle Sounds is a gift of serenity.

Lauren's pick...
Bijou’s Bijouisms offer little reminders each day to Breathe, Create, Enjoy, and more. These tiny tokens of inspiration are daily affirmations for your tangling and... life in general.

Bijouism Deck: $14.95
Bijou's pick...
And last, but not least, Bijou suggests none other than the Bijou Box! A carefully curated a festive box full of all his favorites: 20 each of Bijou tiles in white, black, tan and gray, Bijouisms and cute little Bijou sized envelopes. This item is available while supplies last.
Bijou is proudly donating 10% of the profits of this box to the Zentangle Foundation.

Bijou Box: $29.50

Project Pack No. 12 - 12 Days of Zentangle
This Friday, December 11th, we will resume our annual tradition: The 12 Days of Zentangle. This time of celebration is a great opportunity to share tangles, techniques and festive ideas with tanglers across this world. As we have done in recent years, we combine the 12 Days of Zentangle with a Zentangle Project Pack series. Coincidentally and appropriately, this year's 12 Days of Zentangle is also Zentangle Project Pack No. 1

Holiday Shipping Update: The staff at ZentangleHQ is working hard to get your orders out in a timely fashion, but shipping carriers continue to announce delays both domestically and internationally therefore Zentangle cannot guarantee transit times. Please allow for ample time for your package to arrive. Please check your shipping carrier’s website (USPS / UPS DHL) for more information. 

*Ribbons may vary
Thank You!
From our home to yours, we send you and your families all our warmest Zentangle wishes.


Bijou and the Zentangle Staff!
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