April 28, 2023
The United States has been observing Mental Health Awareness during the month of May since 1949. Each year, businesses, organizations, schools, and individuals dedicate this month to acknowledge those affected by mental illness by presenting innovative ideas, events, and programs to support the treatment and prevention of mental illness.

Many individuals that suffer from mental health symptoms have found that creating art can be used as a therapy and have very positive effects on their condition. A regular practice of creating art can be nurturing for relieving stress, increasing confidence, and supporting general mental health wellness in all of us, not just those that struggle. The Zentangle Method is a simple and powerful way to access creativity and opens doorways to our creative abilities, and the artist within each of us. Using simple steps and basic strokes, anyone can create beautiful images using the Zentangle Method.

This year, as we considered how we would honor the importance of this month, Bijou reminded us all of his wise Bijouisms, which serve as gentle reminders for us in our Zentangle practice and in life. Beginning May 11th, we are embarking on a 21 day challenge where we will delve into one Bijouism and one tangle on a Bijou tile each day. We invite you to find 15-20 minutes each day to tangle along with us, Bijou, and the Zentangle Community, allowing your pen to soothe your soul.

This video series will be released via our newsletter and on zentangle.com.

You can learn more about Bijou on our website here.
During this exploration, we will be using 21 Bijou tiles and a variety of tools. Bijou has suggested we offer special tangling tool bundles in celebration of this project. Which one will you choose?
Bijou's Be Well Bundle - White Bijou tiles and tools
Bijou's Be Well Bundle - Black Bijou tiles and tools
Bijou knows that tangling is more than creating beautiful art, it is about the practice, the beauty of creating, it is about nourishing your soul. Bijou wants you to clearly see your inner beauty. To celebrate this message, while supplies lasts, we will be offering Bijou Tins with Translucen-Z tiles.
NEW! Bijou's Be Well Bundle - Translucen-Z Bijou tiles and tools.

We have limited quantities of Translucen-Z Bijou tiles and once they are gone, they are gone!
Be sure to select tile color from the drop down menu. Bijou's Be Well Bundles will be available through May 2023 only.
But wait, there is more...
As we get ready for this year's focus on mental health, we want to take a moment to share with you how we have recognized this month in years past:
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