May 11, 2023

Hello Rick and Maria,

Welcome to Day 01 of Bijou's Be Well Bundle video series!

Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always. - Hippocrates

The superior man thinks always of virtue; the common man thinks of comfort. - Confucius

Day 01: Comfort

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary lists the following as the definitions of the word “comfort”.

  • A strengthening aid.
  • A consolation in time of trouble or worry.
  • A feeling of relief or encouragement.
  • A satisfying or enjoyable experience.
  • A contented well-being.

Bijou has always felt that the word comfort is a great word to describe how he feels when he tangles. He tells us that he hears similar things from his friends in the Zentangle community, which coincidentally is another thing that brings him comfort. Oh! How Bijou loves tangling his heart away surrounded by people that give him that sense of warmth and awesome!

At Zentangle, we also use the word comfort in reference to tangles that are familiar, come easy to you, or that are simply your favorite ones to draw. If you are new to the Zentangle Method, you probably do not have one yet … but we hope you do soon.


In the early days of sharing the Zentangle Method we referred to these tangles as “Mac ‘n’ cheese” tangles. We called them this as a playful reference to the concept of comfort food. Macaroni and cheese is a popular comfort food in the United States. Though many understood the fun reference, the analogy did get a little lost with our international community, so we started to use the term “Comfort Tangles” instead. We now use both interchangeably.

Whether the comfort is found in the tangle, in your pen, or in the experience, we invite you to take comfort where you can. In a world where we are encouraged and pushed to the edge of our comfort zones, know that there is room for both comfort and discomfort in your heart and in your mind. Today, we invite you receive in whatever it is that brings you comfort.

Bijou suggested, in honor of the Bijouism, Comfort, we should begin our series with the classic tangle called crescent moon. It is very often the first tangle people learn and a comfort to us and many others as well.


Be well, be you,


Bijou's Be Well Bundle - Day 01

The videos in the Bijou's Be Well Bundle series will be released every day through May 31, 2023. You can view all of the videos in this series here (after their release).

Step-Out: crescent moon

Bijou Speaks: Comfort

During the series, we will focus on one of Bijou's wise Bijouisms each day. In the archives of the Zentangle blogs, we have many thoughts and stories about these philosophies. We will be sharing some of them during this series.


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With Gratitude and Appreciation,

Rick, Maria, Molly, Martha, Bijou and everyone at Zentangle HQ!

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