January | 2022

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Shining a light on the people and places that make Archway so special.

A Message from the Chief Executive Officer

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I have always resisted New Year’s resolutions (and diets for that matter) because I have found them to be unsustainable. Or perhaps because, as Oscar Wilde famously put it, “I can resist everything except temptation.” The bottom line is that resolutions have not worked too well for me. I have found it more productive to work on more modest and sustainable changes to my behaviors to advance personal and professional goals, rather than make grandiose proclamations about how I am going to become a better person, and within two months or so be back to my former habits.

All that being said, at Archway, we have some big ideas about how to expand our impact and improve our work. While our 2022 commitments border on the grandiose, they are grounded in defined plans designed to improve our odds for success. Our 2022 goals are to make Archway Bigger, Stronger and Better. Yes, I know, these “goals” sound rather ambitious and a bit fuzzy, don't they?

Allow me to explain: 

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Average Monthly Impact

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In the News

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After much deliberation, to prioritize the health and safety of our community, Archway Communities has decided to postpone the groundbreaking ceremony for 2275 Wadsworth due to surging cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Construction for this affordable housing community will continue so we can bring these 67 units for adults over 62 and formerly homeless veterans into the community. 


Mrs. Claus, our Director of Services Maria Brown, and her trusty reindeer, Ernie, visited our properties this year and came with gifts from A Precious Child! In total we distributed 430 toys!


Thank you to Crane Roofing & Exteriors for generously donating $6,000 to Archway! Crane Roofing & Exteriors repaired gutters at Sheridan Ridge to address icing problems as well as spot repaired areas of the roofs at Foothills Green, Arapahoe Green, Sheridan Ridge, and Willow Green!

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Meet Sheri Replane!

I jump on a video call with Sheri, our very own Director of Communications, and my boss, for a call much different than our typical. This time, I get to interview her for our staff spotlight, and I’m excited to spend time with Sheri learning more about what makes her special!

As I would come to learn through our talk, backpacking was, and continues to be, a significant part of Sheri’s life both as a hobby and as a job. 

“The first time I truly backpacked, I really enjoyed the pace. Everything was steady, but slow and simple. For the first time I was taking things in at a different speed, slow and methodical. I really enjoyed life at that pace. I was seeing things in a new way, noticing things I hadn’t before.”

So, in honor of this view of life, I thought it fitting to mirror the staff spotlight in the same manner and see what we might notice along the way!

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Meet Lynda Junker!

I place a call to Lynda in the morning in order to accommodate her chemo schedule. From the moment she answers she’s in a great mood. I’d come to learn that this is just her personality. No matter what trials we discussed she always says with an upbeat tone, ‘but I’m alright!’ 

In January, 2021 she was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer and given 3 months to live. “I was having some troubles I saw my primary care doctor for and he had a bad feeling, once tests had come back, about what might be the cause. He sent me to an oncologist, and they told me I had ‘til April, they’d guess.”

“But I’m still here because they don’t determine when I go, the Good Lord does.” Lynda devotes her life to her faith. And I can see, without her directly saying so, that it releases a burden from her own shoulders of things out of her control.

Physically, much of Lynda’s day is different now compared to prior to her diagnosis. She is in a wheelchair and needs help to walk without it, telling me that her bones are very fragile. While that doesn’t stop her from doing the things she’s always loved, I wanted to get to know more about her prior to her diagnosis.

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New Team Member Spotlight

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Welcome back, Alex!

We are excited to have Alex Gallegos back on our Archway team as a Family Services Coordinator. Alex will be based at Flats at Two Creeks and 40 West, responsible for providing essential services to our residents!

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Meet Darrell Olivarez!

Darrell is a Property Manager, responsible for ensuring LIHTC compliance, leasing, maintaining good relationships with residents and vendors, and enforcing policies. Darrell has 20 years of experience in property management as an onsite employee, maintenance tech, and manager. 

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Meet Joseph Iannessa!

Joe is a Maintenance Tech floating between each of our properties. In this role, he is responsible for prepping apartments for new residents and assisting maintenance techs with work orders and grounds-keeping.

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Did You Know?

Colorado is in an affordable housing crisis. A recent study by the Common Sense institute concluded that as of 2019, Colorado had over 175,000 fewer housing units than needed to restore its historical (1986–2008) population-to-housing ratio. To close the deficit and account for projected population growth, the state will need to add over 54,000 housing units a year by 2026.

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We had a great holiday season here at Archway Communities! Many of our properties hosted parties for residents, including at Flats at Two Creeks (left) where residents got their portrait taken and sent to them on a holiday card. In addition, our staff held our own party on the rooftop of Flats (middle and right), where we had lunch, opened white elephant gifts, and celebrated the year!

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