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BACC Shop & Volunteer Coordinator
This position works closely with the Director and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Gallery and Gift Shop at BACC. The Coordinator is responsible for the opening, operation, and closing of the art center according to the posted schedule and manages the volunteer program. In addition, the Coordinator assists the Director with Gallery exhibits, events, and other tasks as needed.  
The Coordinator is a part-time, hourly position with opportunity for significant growth. Schedule will be variable with more hours during the busier summer season. 
More information and application details are on our website:
Join us this March as we celebrate National Moscow Mule Day. Although Moscow Mule Day is March 3rd we will be running a special release Mule Menu all month long to celebrate this popular cocktail!

The Moscow Mule is popularly served in a copper mug with a lime wedge garnish. It is typically citrusy, fizzy, and so refreshing!
Our menu will feature specialty crafted mule cocktails from all of our spirits and we can't wait to make you one.

Click here to read the Whistling Andy March newsletter.
State & Regional Happening
New Report Ranks Montana as #1 State to Open a Small Business—Many factors contribute to how successful a small business is, but according to a recent study, Montana is the best state to open a small business.
The study done by The Blueprint found that Montana was ranked the number one best state to open a small business in 2021. The factors used to determine the ranking included tax climate, consumer spending within the state, and the rate of new entrepreneurs. They also considered the business survival rate over five years, labor costs, and climate. Here are the top five:
  • Montana
  • South Dakota
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Idaho
The report says of Montana: Montana scores high in several areas, including the number of new businesses calling Montana home. A five-year business survival rate of 53.4% puts the odds of success in your favor. With a median annual income of $57,153, labor costs should be reasonable, and geographically, Montana holds little risk of natural disasters, with forest fires the major culprit in 2020. Montana’s corporate tax climate is not as optimal as it could be, with a corporate tax rate of 6.75%, while the individual income tax rate tops out at 6.9%. Montana does not currently have a state sales tax. Read more at KXLH here
Date:           Tuesday, March 30, 2021 
Time:           1 PM – 2:30 PM                                     
Cost:            Free to attend
Zoom:          Register to receive Zoom link for each session
Register: or contact Casey Kyler-West 406.444.5267
This informational class will address Drug and Alcohol Testing in the workplace. We will provide answers to the following questions and more.
•     Why should your company have a Drug and Alcohol testing program?
•     What does Legalization of Marijuana mean for Montana Business Owners?
•     What is the difference between DOT required testing and Non-DOT testing?
•     What items need to be in place to start a Drug and Alcohol Testing program?
•     What is the employer responsibilities in managing a testing program?
•     What is the testing process?
Montana Matters: Protect Montana Moments
Montana is home to extraordinary experiences and moments that will leave you in awe. With over 147,000 miles to explore, our unspoiled beauty, wonderful wildlife and charming small towns deserve respect and thoughtfulness from visitors and residents alike. With this in mind, the marketing team is excited to announce some new messaging, "Montana Matters."
The new page on is up and running, and we are excited to incorporate this messaging into existing initiatives to encourage visitors and residents to travel responsibly when exploring Montana. Learn more here
Additional Flights Coming to Glacier Park International Airport—Additional flight options – including JetBlue Airways – are coming to the Flathead. Glacier Park International Airport (GPIA) has announced a new partnership with JetBlue Airways and additional routes through American Airlines.
Travelers will be able to take a seasonal JetBlue flight to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City three times a week in July and August. American Airlines has also added service to New York City with Saturday flights to LaGuardia Airport, as well as Saturday service to Charlotte, North Carolina.
“The JetBlue partnership increases our airline carriers from five to six,” said GPIA Rob Ratkowski. “This is great news for all travelers." The American Airlines announcement increases Kalispell service from three cities – Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, and Los Angeles - to five. Read more from KPAX here
Update on American Travel in the Period of Coronavirus—Week of February 14 from Destination Analysts
For the first time, optimism about the course the pandemic will take in the United States over the next month significantly outweighs pessimism. Nevertheless, Americans are frequently experiencing burn out and cabin fever and thus may need travel more than ever.
Key Findings to Know: 
  • In total, 12.7% said they took a trip for the long Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend—double what was reported for Memorial Day weekend in the early pandemic period, and a similar rate to Labor Day weekend, which followed the summer coronavirus case surge.
  • Americans’ anxiety about the pandemic—from both the financial and health impact perspectives—continues to decline. Now a record 39.3% of Americans feel the situation will get better in the next month.
  • These better feelings translate to travel. Perceptions of travel and leisure activities as unsafe has fallen to an average of 46.2% —a record low since the start of the pandemic. About 60% of American travelers feel at least somewhat confident they can travel safely in the current environment, and those who would have travel guilt has declined to 44.0% from a recent peak of 54.6% the week of December 14th. Now 58.5% are in a travel readiness state of mind.
  • Vaccines continue to keep optimism up among a majority of American travelers. Nearly 6-in-10 travelers say COVID-19 vaccines make them more optimistic about life returning to normal in the next six months and 52.9% say it makes them more optimistic about the ability to travel safely in that same time.
  • This week, 54.0% of American travelers report that they have a friend or relative who has received the vaccine. Seeing people we know get vaccinated against COVID-19 clearly benefits travel sentiment. Those who know others who have already been vaccinated are even more optimistic about their travel future and have begun planning travel specifically in anticipation of a wider vaccine rollout at higher rates than others. They are also more likely to have done any travel dreaming and planning in the last week, and have more trips planned for 2021.
  • Right now, 80.2% of Americans have plans for one or more upcoming trips, with July still looking like the peak travel month this year. While nearly a quarter of the next road trips Americans will take will be within the next 3 months, the majority of American travelers still anticipate their very next air trip to be after June.
  • More than half of Americans have taken some action towards their very next leisure trip, including researching destinations to visit (26.1%), booking lodging (18.8%) and researching travel activities (14.4%).
  • Advertising certainly plays a role in inspiring more travel. This week, 55.8% report being highly open to travel inspiration. Well over a quarter of all American travelers—and over 35% of those Millennial age or younger—say that an advertisement has specifically motivated them to travel to a destination. In fact, 38.9% say the last travel destination ad they saw made them feel “happy” or “very happy.”
  • Where American travelers feel most receptive to travel advertising varies by age, but websites, social media (particularly Facebook), both broadcast and streaming television, and email are common.
  • In addition to how they are feeling about traveling, how Americans perceive travel within their own communities is also critical to understanding the travel industry’s recovery. This week 44.3% agree they feel comfortable going out for leisure activities where they live. In addition, a larger proportion of Americans continue to say they would be happy to see their community advertised for tourism (39.1% vs 29.1% who would be unhappy). Those residing in urban areas are far likelier to feel happy about travel advertisements of their city compared to those residing in suburban or rural areas.
Read more from the Destination Analysts report here

Marketing Tips this Week
While many of us may be tired of Zoom meetings, phone calls and all things virtual - those may be around to stay, at least for awhile. How can you take advantage of and capitalize on this digital business pivot? This is one of seven marketing trends to watch for in 2021, according to Forbes Magazine. Find the full list, including tips for having live interactions through virtual events here.
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