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November 2014

        A noble plaque to see as we arrived on the Napa Valley College campus


On our second day at Napa Valley college, we found these signs posted around the campus.


The implication was a little offensive to me so...


...what happened to the "toleration" portion of their school's mantra.


Seems it's not easy to practice what you preach.







"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ." 

                                                   II Corinthians 10:4-5

Challenging students with the truth, so the light will penetrate their darkened minds and set them free.   
Many students from Napa College were curious about the pro-life message and listened to our team clarify the battle between feelings and logic.  This is the most common struggle for many students. I was even challenged by two professors during the two days there and had good dialogue, explaining the truth to those who don't believe in truth. 

Cheryl and Hannah made sure to take advantage of the opportunity for free speech places on campus by posting our brochure in the mix. 


Hannah's younger brother Caleb joined us at Napa College and tried to get some assistance to look older as he gave out the literature to the students. It worked.   

Bernard found willing souls to consider their destiny and listen to the Gospel.  
Our team then headed to the College of the Sequoias in Visalia where Greg, April, and the warriors of the Right to Life organization were waiting to be great hosts to our team.  They set up their displays across from ours and the students were met by the strong pro-life presence for two days. 

On every campus there are those who try to use the "rape" card as justification for abortions.  Our brochure dedicates two pages to the testimonies of women who present the logical and reasonable answer to the issue of rape and abortion.


John is very good at explaining the love we must have for both victims of rape:  the woman and the baby


Many students see the light after listening to our thought-out response. 


A compassionate answer to victims of rape is so much better that violence towards one of the victims.


This sweet student is the president of the Students for Life Club at the college. Her leadership began after she received our brochure called "Unlocking the Truth" at her high school a few years before. She told us that our Project Truth team leafleted her school and she took the brochure home to research the information in the material.  After confirming that our information was true, she determined to be a Christian abolitionist and make a difference in her city. 


Welcome to the battle.   

You would think that two people walking by our display with "The Lord's Army" loudly marked on their shirts would be a good thing. 
But we didn't even get a salute. 
Instead we got a scowl and rudeness. I couldn't let it go, so I stopped this nice couple and asked them, "Why the rudeness?"
Very common on college campuses are the shallow ideas of the "religious" students as they try to defend their thinking without the support of the Scriptures.
The number one problem for many of the "Christians" we engage is that they don't know the Word and how it is to be applied in the real world.
Hopefully these two will represent Christ with more than just a phrase on a shirt from now on.
And while I was trying to help a couple of Christian students get their focus, Hannah was leading one of their classmates to the Cross.
That's right.
Walking among the  Lord's Army are students hurting and lost.  We are there to  throw out our nets and see what we catch.
Because our team is so busy, we don't get to capture most of the great moments of our outreach. Often there is only a moment to snap a picture and then get back to the fishing.
This student walked onto the campus lost and was found by the Savior as she placed her trust in the Gospel.
Sean, who just finished Law School, is enjoying the application of truth in his conversations with interested students.  




Meet JP Prichard, an abolitionist from the Fresno area.  He is a strong voice for the pre-born babies and was able to give this man in the light blue pants a correct view of the abortion issue.


The man on the right had been harassing our team and met his match with JP.    

Out team traveled across the Bay into San Mateo, right on the edge of the San Andreas Fault.  There sits the beautiful campus of the College of San Mateo with an incredible view of the San Francisco skyline and the bay. It might be the most beautiful campus in Northern California.


But the campus is a rollercoaster of views and much hatred for Christianity.  We knew we had come to the right place to engage the lost.  It turned out to be great two days. 


You can see our display cart in the picture above. The display cart has been a great tool for the message.  We also set up on another part of the campus with two more banners.  

John and Hannah got right into the main artery of the campus and the team of Project Truth
created many challenging conversations.  

This angry student expressed his thoughts that we pro-lifers shouldn't be allowed to force our worldview on other people.


I asked him if that idea was his worldview, and if so, why was he trying to force his view on me?


Self-defeating arguments are common on college campuses.



Reason and logic are not easy to follow for many people.   

The College of San Mateo students were an interesting lot of confused people.  The god of feelings that so many worship is hard to abandon.  

This Fall tour is over and plans for the Spring tour are already developing, including two weeks blitzing the Oregon colleges in May.


In 2014 Project Truth distributed over 50,000 Truth brochures, each with a powerful Gospel message and compelling persuasive truth about abortion.


The big challenge will be to order 100,000 of our brochure for the 2015 harvest.  




    What an Awesome God 

Fall Tour Project Truth 2014


Week 1 Sept 2  Merced College 
Sept 3-4   Delta College
Week 2  Sept 8-9   Modesto JC
Week 3  Sept 15-16  Hancock College   Oct 1-2  Cuesta College 
Week 5  Sept 29-30 Fresno City College  
Oct 1-2  Fresno State 
Week 6  Oct 6-7   Napa Valley College 
Week Oct 20-21 College of the Sequoias/Visalia
Week 9  Oct 27-31  College of San Mateo      
Please continue to pray for my son and his platoon as they serve our country with honor.  Please pray God's will be done.

                                       Thank you for standing with me.



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