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                                       December 2014
It is 6:30 am in the lobby of the old Sacramento Train Station. I look around and rationalize that all these tired travelers are just waiting for the call to the next connection like I am...and surely they aren't interested in receiving the Gospel tracts I have left in my cargo pants. 
"In season and out of season" might not apply here, right Lord?
What happened next is how God answered my weak excuse.
The old man in the photo reached into his backpack and opened his Bible...and humbled, I reached into my cargo pants to plant the seeds of the Gospel to those sitting around me.

"Nobody wants you here!"


"Everybody is throwing away your stupid literature."


"People don't want to read your Christian propaganda!" 


"You're wasting your time."


"Your brochure is full of lies."


"I'll make you an offer: Find one incorrect statement or lie in our material and I'll buy you and your friend dinner at your choice of restaurant." 

In six years, not one person has found anything in our literature that is incorrect.  One student at UCSB, after mocking our materials, spent all evening the first night researching, only to return the next day and admit our brochure is accurate. 

Our team checks the garbage cans around the campuses and we find a few brochures tossed.  However, we figured about 5 percent get tossed out of 1,500 to 3,000 given out at each college or high school.


At the abortion centers, the couples read the brochure and some come out telling us they were convinced to change their minds.

While I was outside an abortion center in Sacramento, a janitor approached me to share how he cleans up the abortion center lobby each day and takes our loose brochures left by the clients and places them in the magazines and magazine rack before he leaves.  Wow!  How many babies has he saved?      

When leafleting high schools in the mornings or afternoons as school gets out, we have students tell us they were talking about our abortion message in classes throughout the day. 


One math teacher told me his students debated the abortion issue for two days in his class. The teacher thanked me for giving him the opportunity to proclaim the pro-life message with clarity. 

"Nobody cares about your message and will not read your materials.  Just get off my campus and go back to your churches."


"You people are violating the constitutional separation of Church and State."


"Is it legal for you to be on our campus. Who gave you permission to be here?"

The seeds of truth are being planted in the hearts and minds of the people.


         Over 250,000 pieces of literature given out in six years of Project Truth ministry.

As I drove away from John F. Kennedy High School after our team handed out several hundred brochures, this is what I saw. Three students reading intently the strongest message on abortion and finishing with the Gospel clearly spelled out for them.  

                    "The pen is mightier than the sword...

                      to paralyze the Caesars,

                      and to strike the loud earth breathless!"  

"Thank you for being on our campus today.  You have changed a lot of minds."


"I prayed this morning that the Lord would give me boldness among my classmates and you guys are here this morning. Thank you for charging me up for the Lord." 


"I was going to have an abortion this week, but you have changed my mind."


"If your photos are real, then Planned Parenthood lied to me last week, telling me it's just a blob."


"How do I get forgiveness for such a terrible thing I did."


"I'm so glad you guys were out here today."



"I have a beautiful sixteen- month-old little baby because your message changed my heart two years ago as I walked across the campus looking at the banners."


"Recently I asked my mom, 'What was the reason Jesus died on the cross?' Today you answered my question. Thank you." 

  All of the above statements are real conversations we have had while in the harvest fields.  
"For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Hebrews 4:12   


Project Truth Spring 2015 is coming together with plans to engage UNLV, UC Davis, and venture into Oregon among some of the Portland colleges as part of the tour. 


A big plan and tour among twelve to fourteen colleges.


Pray for our plans which include God's provision of more college-age adults to join us this Spring, and to replenish out materials, including ordering 100,000 "Unlocking the Truth." 


We are also seeking the Lord in getting a fifteen passenger van for our powerful tour in 2015.   


Continue to lift up our brave soldiers, including my son, who are in great danger as they protect the people of Afghanistan from the terrorists of a false religion.


Pray for strength for our families as we wait and watch for their safe return. 


And pray our Country repents and seeks God's face for direction as a people.  And please don't believe a word from the media about what is going on in Afghanistan.  The battles continue.


                                       Thank you for standing with me.



I am Don Blythe of At the Well Ministries. This ministry of 30 years uses the abortion issue as a springboard for sharing the Gospel.


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