At The Well Ministries 2014 

Fall College and High School Tour

We are on the Merced Community College campus for the start of our Fall Tour. Check out our new display wagon.  It looks more professional and enhances our effectiveness with organized drawers and a higher view. 
I will return the garden wagon to its original intended use and be thankful for its  years of service.
Eternal thanks to those who made it possible for Project Truth to improve our efforts to the tens of thousands of college and high school youth we engage each semester.  

The next day we entered the Delta College world and these three agitators got schooled by our very own Angie.  Angie had to take a break last year, but didn't skip a beat when she returned as she explained to these troubled guys that emotions and feelings are not the standard for right and wrong.  A bold mother who holds onto the Gospel for her strength and will not be intimidated.  

Bernard explains the Gospel to the campus police officer.  


Students came up to us and told us that the other students were talking about our presentation in the classrooms.


Many students would come out to the display and ask for our materials and pepper our team with questions.  


The president of the "Social Justice"

Club expressed that their view is "abortion is killing an innocent baby"...but they look at the abortion dilemma as "a cost effective analysis" issue.  


The president didn't appreciate my response that his statement "was the most disturbing thing I had heard all day." 


Another hypocritical point was from the flyer on the table which listed Planned Parenthood as one of their sponsors...the wolf in the hen house.


I also asked the student at the table why abortion was not listed at the top of their list of injustices to address during the semester.  She told me that I could maybe speak at their next meeting, so I gave her my name and number...probably shouldn't hold my breath.   



Rod Perez and Larry Nickols drive over from San Jose to help change lives for the cause of the Kingdom. 
Delta College is one of the most open-minded campuses we visit.
There are over 20,000 students. We handed out over 2,000 pieces of materials in two days.  

One lonely pro-abortion person stood in protest to us for a few hours and John fed her the truth till she conceded that "the facts didn't matter...she was going to live by her feelings."  

Thousands of students passed by our display.

Many students told us that they were changed forever by our disturbing photos and the brochures we gave them. One student told us he read the whole brochure "Unlocking the Truth" while sitting in class and that he was convinced that abortion is wrong.  He thanked us for being on the campus.


We get that a lot.

    One student came over to ridicule us and tell us we were wasting our time.


                             Whom do you ridicule?
                             Against whom do you make a wide mouth
                             And stick out the tongue?
                             Are you not children of transgression,
                             Offspring of falsehood,

                             Inflaming yourselves with gods under every green tree,
                              Slaying the children in the valleys...Isaiah 57


As Pastor Jonathan Merica from Lodi listened to her ranting, we were reminded of another student who, all day, skipped her classes to bring all of her friends over to witness the display that "changed her life forever." humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will.  ll Timothy 2  


Please lift up in prayer our senior Project Truth team leader, Bud Reeves, pictured above.  He is a retired NCIS agent and has dedicated his retirement time to being a key factor in our successful ministry.  Right now he is suffering from severe carpal tunnel and other physical problems that have flared up this month.  Yet he loves engaging the students.  So it is troubling for him to get medical help next week and not be on the frontlines with his fellow laborers. He was at the colleges this week in pain, yet couldn't miss the mission.


Bud, John and I are sometimes called the three amigos and it just doesn't sound right "the two amigos."   


So please pray for Bud to be healed.  

Sept 2-4 Merced College and Delta College


Sept. 8-9 Modesto College

Sept. 15-18   Hancock College and Cuesta College

Sept. 22-26   High school lit drops

Sept. 29-Oct 2   Fresno City College and Fresno State

Oct. 7-8  Napa Valley College

Oct. 13-17  High School lit drop

Oct.  20-21  College of the Sequoias

Oct. 28-29  College of San Mateo

Nov. 3-4  UCLA     


Please continue to remember my son Jesse and his platoon who are protecting the Afghanistan people from the barbarians trying to hurt the people of their country. The people of that country don't want the Americans to leave and love their help to protect the families in the villages. His platoon is engaging the enemies almost every day. 


My son is my hero. 


Pray he stays close to the Lord during this time and influences the troops who do not know the Lord. 



                                       Thank you for standing with me.



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