At The Well Ministries 2014 

           Pushing the Envelope  

Stanford University is a private college and does not have to follow public school laws about free speech, for the most part. 


However, Stanford has established a "free speech zone" in the quad area of their beautiful campus, so Project Truth decided to "set up our banners for the truth"(Psalm 60:4) in the zone.


The school officials tried to discourage us and questioned our understanding of their policies, but we stood our ground by communicating with them that because the college opened the area up to public free speech, Stanford could not create their own laws that would violate public free speech protections.

A FIRST for Stanford University as thousands of students saw the reality of "choice." 


This college has bullied and picked on the college's pro-life club over the years and discouraged them from having a powerful presence on campus, so the pro-life club was a little apprehensive of our presence. 


But on these two days, the pro-life students were strengthened in their resolve to have an impact because "you can't have an impact without a collision." 



Most of the students ride bikes around campus, like the U.C. Davis students, so it was tough to get them to pull over. That is why the banners are so important.


The students couldn't avoid the powerful message on our large banners and were compelled to see the truth.


Those who walked by were even more challenged to think about the American Holocaust.


We had several professors pass by and a few engaged us.


The first question most teachers ask us is, "What are you trying to accomplish with your presence on our campus?"


It seems like an odd question coming from the intelligentsia, but we often counter with, "What do you think we are trying to accomplish today?"


I love it when they attempt to answer without sounding pro-life.

We also experienced the added outreach to groups of high school students passing through the campus on tour.  All day long our team met and engaged people visiting Stanford from all over the country.


The Lord sure knows how to set things up to reach the most people.





Bud spoke to a few of the protesters who showed up throughout the day.  We were a little concerned for the abortion avocates and their weak presentation to oppose us.


Even Standford students could not articulate a rational argument to justify the extermination of the smallest members of the human race.


This Stanford student tried to express himself with his finger and sign on the second day of our outreach, but when I asked him if his crude behavior and shouting for other students to avoid us was "a form of intimidation and shaming," he didn't like me pointing out his self-defeating poster.


Emotional rhetoric without logic is not an argument. We run into that too often.


"For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity: your lips have spoken lies, your tongue has muttered perversity." Isaiah 59 

I still go to abortion centers and reach out to the moms and their babies.

Reaching their consciences is the key.


This photo I took motivates me every day to stand in the gap. 


...we walk in the blackness! We grope for the wall like the blind. And we grope as if we had no eyes.  Isaiah 59 

A few weeks ago we saw four couples turn away from the center in Modesto.  This was a great day to honor the Lord.  We don't usually see that many saves in a day.



"You are the light of the world...let your light shine before others...that they might see... Matthew 5

                                       Thank you for standing with me.



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