At The Well Ministries 2014 

   Taking the Gospel into the Belly of the Beast  

San Francisco State University students couldn't ignore our display and literature. They tried to silently walk by us the first drizzly day we were set up on the campus, but the power in the message stirred their consciences enough to engage us on the sunny second day. 


A professor of "Sexuality and African Culture" brought his class out to challenge us. And though we had a rough start in the dialogue, including the teacher accusing us of using "terrorism" by showing the photos, eventually the professor calmed down his rhetoric enough for the students to ask questions and hear the truth.


The college administrators had told me our team would not be allowed to set up our display because of policy restrictions. I got our attorney involved and they told him the same thing then drew a line-in-the-sand. We would be arrested if we violated the policies. 


It was really about our pictures.



So I brought my toothbrush and we crossed the line.  The school officials and the police left us alone for both days, but not without standing nearby for the entire two days we were there.


Who said God doesn't part the waters?

For two days we handed out thousands of brochures and ministered to hate-filled or hurting students.  This is what it looks like to "go into the fields." 







Bernard continues to find a willing audience to share the Gospel among the SFSU students.




I did want to give a high-five to Micah.


A bold young man who is giving out more tracts and brochures than any of our team. 


It seems most people can't turn down a boy showing his confidence in the message he believes in and they take his material with a smile. 


Micah closed out our two days on the SFSU campus with a prayer that went straight to Heaven.





One of the best outreaches we do as Project Truth is leaving the colleges in time to catch local high school students exiting their schools at the end of the day. We are able to hand out hundreds of pieces of literature and get responses online from students who read what we gave them.


But the most difficult schools we leaflet are the private schools.  We've been flipped off and threatened more at the "Christian" schools than the public schools.


Across the street from San Francisco State is the Mercy High all-girls school run by the Sisters of Mercy


I'm not Catholic, but with a name like that we thought we would find a more accommodating audience...




So our team offered the students the information, knowing still that one-third of religious students would also be involved in an abortion in their lifetime.


Everything seemed to be going well as the students were reading the material...

...until the "Sisters of Mercy" called the police to "have those people arrested for illegally handing out flyers" to their students.


The Sisters of Mercy Back-up Squad


Mind you, we were on the public sidewalks outside the school handing out pro-life brochures to students who we thought were attending a pro-life school. Not so. The students informed us that their school is pro-choice.


After these nice police officers flexed their presence, we finished our outreach to the students, with the Sisters of Mercy getting a lesson in free speech activities on a public sidewalk. 


A troubling, too-often occurrence outside private schools.










Meet Pastor Bruce.  


He joined me at the Modesto abortion center last week, and on his first time out there he saved a baby. 


That woman is holding onto the pastor, her newfound friend with thankful tears. She walked out of the clinic and right into his arms.


After this moment she allowed one of our counselors to take her to the Modesto Pregnancy Center located right down the street.


I think I'll be seeing more of Pastor Bruce from the Greater Exodus Baptist Church in Los Banos. 


How appropriate a name.


American River College Feb. 26-27
San Jose City College- Mar. 3-4
Chico State- Mar. 10-11
Folsom College- Mar. 17-18 
Los Medanos College- Mar. 24-25
San Francisco State April1-2


Cal State Stanislaus-
Apr. 7-8
Stanford University-Apr. 14-15
U.C. Berkeley-Apr. 21-22
Sonoma State-Apr. 28-29


Check out our updated brochure that is stopping the mouths of the wicked and turning hearts towards truth.


We are handing out 50,000 to the high school and college students. 

            Please pray for laborers to join the Project Truth Team.
One of the most important needs is to have eight college-age adults step up and join our team for our Fall Tour beginning August 15th through November 15th.  It is my goal to develop a team of short-term missionaries who will travel (a semester or a year [Mondays-Thursdays]) as part of Project Truth. Contact me for more information.
Twice as many colleges and high schools, reaching millions of students.        
This could be you! 





  This could be you! humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will.  ll Timothy 2  

                                       Thank you for standing with me.



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