At The Well Ministries 2014 

       It's Like Being In A Foreign Country
Students from all over the world: Russia, Iran, Africa, Israel, and Australia, walking among us as our display is positioned in the main corridor of the
American River College campus. 
With our large banners proclaiming the truth to all who pass by, some approach us to talk, while others curse us. What a great place to have an impact for the cause of the Kingdom.

Our team got right to work at the college, finding students willing to listen.  It is somewhat surprising to find so many who, when we eventually ask, "Do you know what God did to provide the way for you to avoid His wrath and judgment?"...answer, "No, I don't know what He did."
As we share with them how God left Heaven to pay the penalty for our self- imposed predicament called sin, you can see, in some of the students, the light goes on in their eyes or countenance as they, for the first time, hear the hope found in the Gospel..."if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will."
ll Timothy 2
Ignasio, his wife, and newborn son joined us at San Jose City College. They are great witnesses, who spent years working with Lila Rose of Live Action Ministries.


A professor at San Jose City College walked out to our display and told me that he is the DJ at the school radio station and wanted me to be interviewed live on their station.  So I entered the broadcast room as he also welcomed an outspoken student who would debate me for the 15-minute program. It was a good debate with the student finally admitting that the fetus is a human being, and then struggling to find justification to kill the human baby. I think it was her first time to admit the humanity of the pre-born. 


It's great to have the truth on our side when tearing down the strongholds of Satan.

Casey from Students for Life joined us to reach the students of American River.


Our newest disciple is Danella from the Home Church, being mentored by John in this photo. On-the-job training.

Rod continues to be a great help in reaching the lost.  

Bud effectively dispels the notion that men have no say in this matter. 

One student told us her English professor held up our brochure at the start of class and said, "I don't get it."  That began an hour-long discussion with the pro-life students in class, who used our materials for defense of the truth.
I want to thank the Boyd family for traveling from Redding to labor with us on the first two college settings.  Their children were bold and equipped with the message while engaging the students.
Our Project Truth presence is stronger with folks like these volunteering to "Go into the world to preach the Gospel."

I love changing minds about abortion and the Gospel.
Still one of the most important needs is to have several college-aged adults step up and join our team, but more so for our Fall Tour beginning August 15th through November 15th
It is my goal to develop a team of short-term missionaries who will travel (a semester, or a year [Mondays-Thursdays]) as part of Project Truth covering twice as many colleges and high schools, reaching millions of students. We have had some prospects step forward to consider joining our team.  As they pray about it, please also pray "for laborers for the harvest."       
We are preparing to challenge the Chico State campus on Monday. Pray for us as we confront the darkness that blankets that school. 
American River College-Feb. 25-26            
San Jose City College-Mar. 3-4
Chico State-Mar. 10-11
Folsom College-Mar. 17-18 
San Francisco State-Mar. 24-25
Los Medanos College-April 1-2
Cal State Stanislaus-Apr. 7-8
Stanford University-Apr. 14-15
U.C. Berkeley-Apr. 21-22
Sonoma State-Apr. 28-29
    Very challenging schedule

            Awesome creation of God

                                       Thank you for standing with me.



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