We Welcome Dr. Thomas Buckley
We are very excited to welcome our new Executive Director, Dr. Thomas Buckley to SAGE Eldercare. Joining us in February, Dr. Buckley brings to SAGE an extensive amount of experience and knowledge in dementia care and other challenges facing older adults.

Prior to SAGE, Dr. Buckley was the Director of Population Health at Young Adult Institute (YAI) in New York City. YAI is at the forefront of an extraordinary movement aimed at empowering people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in New Jersey, New York and California. As the Director of Population Health, Dr. Buckley led the way to providing complex health care coordination between the organization’s five health clinics. Prior to YAI, Dr. Buckley’s distinguished 30-year career was spent, for the most part, in Florida where he was appointed by Florida’s governor as the Chair of the state’s Alzheimer’s Advisory Committee.

Additionally, he is the recipient of Federal Government Administration for Community Living
federal grant awards. For the past 20 years, Dr. Buckley has served on the Board of Directors
of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), an international
independent, nonprofit organization responsible for the accreditation of 57,700 health and human service programs. Dr. Buckley’s ongoing leadership on CARF’s International Board of Directors will help to create new partnerships for SAGE.

Beyond his substantial credentials, Dr. Buckley brings great passion and energy to everything he does. We welcome him and look forward to all the wonderful things he will do for the SAGE community.
Happy 60th to Our Furniture Restoration Workshop!
2021 marks the 60th year of service for our Furniture Restoration Workshop.
The Workshop began as a place for retired men to socialize, learn new skills and provide a valuable service to the Summit area.

Today, the Workshop provides the same outlet, but includes women artisans as well. Since 1961, our Workshop is staffed by unpaid volunteers. Proceeds from the Workshop support SAGE programs. We thank our volunteers for their excellent work and commitment to SAGE.

Pictured from left: Simon Rosenstein, Robert McAnally (Workshop Manager), Blair Scott and Robert Gardella. Above: Dan Bottorff
We Have a New Website: https://sageeldercare.org
In February we launched our new website. The site is user friendly and is a comprehensive resource for older adults and caregivers. Please visit our site often to view announcements, news, upcoming programs and event information as well as details about all of our services.
Get Ready to Move... In May!
From May 1 - 16, we will be hosting a fun "fundraising" event, Move In May for SAGE with help from The Junior League of Summit. The goal is to raise funds for SAGE through any type of movement you like, such as running, biking, walking, dancing - you name it! The event is a great way to partner with friends and family for some exercise, fun and philanthropy.

Check back for registration details April 1st.
Meet Friendly Visitor Volunteer Patty O'Neill
What inspired you to volunteer at SAGE?
I had a long career as a teacher and then a principal. When I retired, I knew I wanted to stay active and do volunteer work.
My Aunt was a client of SAGE's Meals on Wheels program for many years. Meals on Wheels was a godsend. I knew I wanted to give back to SAGE when I retired, so I volunteer here to honor my Aunt.

How long have you volunteered for SAGE?
I have been at SAGE for 18 months. I deliver Meals on Wheels when they need a sub, but primarily I volunteer for the Friendly Visitor Program where I have two regular clients.

What do friendly visitors do? 
I call my clients 1-3 times a week to check-in. I haven't been able to see one of them due to health issues, but the other I visit whenever I can. I pick her up to take her for a ride - it's a treat for her to get out, especially with the pandemic.

What is it like to be a friendly visitor? 
It is emotionally draining to see how lonely and isolated my clients feel. I worry about them. But it is also extremely rewarding. They are so appreciative when I check-in or spend time with them.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 
Being a school principal left me no spare time. Now that I am retired, I am taking piano lessons again. I also sing and I love to cook - Julia Child is my idol. I am a member of Christ Church. I am hoping to get involved in the Grace Food Pantry as food insecurity is especially prevalent due to the pandemic.

What is on your bucket list when the pandemic is over? 
I love to travel. My goal is to take 21 adventures in 2021. It could be some day-long trip or something longer - I hope the pandemic ends soon so I can get started!

Thanks to Randi Mazzella for this interview.
An Easy Way to Support SAGE: Shop on Amazon
When you shop on Amazon you can help SAGE just by going to Amazon Smile and selecting SAGE Eldercare as your charity of choice HERE. By doing so, .05% of anything you purchase will automatically go to SAGE every time you shop. It adds up. We appreciate your thinking of SAGE..... and shopping!ext Link