June 26th, 2024

"Nature in her green, tranquil woods heals and soothes all afflictions."

John Muir

With summer often comes the well needed change in routine. Although yoga encourages daily routines, it is good to get out of our comfort zones and try new things. Whether it's a little more time to watch the grass grow, swim, have breakfast on the patio or try a new yoga or fitness class, summer, with its bright long days, inspires creativity and possibilities.

At Beyond, we help enhance your weekly routine while also giving you the opportunity to break the routine by trying a new class, a new teacher...a new approach.

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Weekly Schedule

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Happy Canada Day!

With great classes, expert teachers and our fabulous summer sale we're making 

it easy to keep up with your yoga practice. PLUS, our weekly schedule includes, fitness, pilates and Zumba classes.

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Featured Workshops

Come build the foundation for health and vitality with an introduction to Qigong Flow.

Qigong routines use movement, breath, self-massage, sound, visualization and mental intention to balance and harmonize the flow of qi (life force energy) in the body.


Qigong flow is a moving meditation where one movement flows seamlessly into the next. This allows the mind to sink into a state of dynamic relaxation while the body circulates energy.


In this weekly series explore:

  • how to stand in Wuji Posture;
  • how to breathe during a Qigong practice;
  • how to make a Qi Ball, and
  • the six phases of Qi Flow in a beginner friendly Qigong flow.

Fee: Use your membership, class pass, or drop-in pass.


Attend one, two, or all three classes.

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Studies have proven that drumming in community increases our sense of wellbeing by decreasing stress, anxiety and depression. It also enhances brain health and helps us to feel a sense of connection.

In this workshop you will learn basic African drumming rhythms as well as ways to use the drum as a tool for transformation and self-healing.

No drum or drumming experience required only a willingness to learn and to have fun!

Bring a percussion instrument (hand drum, frame drum or shaker) if you have one or use your body as a drum. Shakers will be provided.

Fee: Use your membership, class pass, or drop-in pass.

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Moving to heal is a fabulous way to create greater flow, mobility, and healing for your body, mind, heart and emotions. We will move gently to beautiful, heartfelt music that will surely lift your spirits.


No experience necessary. EveryBODY is welcome!

Nia offers a holistic fusion of dance, martial arts, and healing arts to create an effective, fun and transformational workout for body, mind, emotions and spirit that will leave you smiling.

This class is performed in bare feet. No shoes please.

Fee: Use your membership, class pass, or drop-in fee

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Featured Certification Programs

Reiki is the universal life energy, called chi or prana, that exists in every living thing. As described in eastern healing practices like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, Reiki energy travels through meridians in our body, which are essentially veins but carry energy instead of blood. If the energy gets sluggish or stuck in our meridians, this can cause stagnation in our body and mind.

As a hands-on healing approach, Reiki gently allows for the distribution and integration of energy through these meridians to increase overall well-being. With a calming effect on the nervous system, research shows that Reiki can help reduce pain, stress and fatigue. As a safe and non-invasive approach to health, Reiki is also used world-wide to assist in the healing protocol for a variety of ailments or we can simply use Reiki to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Reiki is open to everyone. There are no prerequisites.

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  • A 200-hour yoga teacher training certification or completion of the Breathe Easy program

What you will learn:

  • A review of the five Pranas
  • The five minor Pranas
  • The five levels of Prana
  • A breath and visualization technique for each of the five main Pranas. Each of these techniques has a special focus: 1. embodied calm, 2. improved focus, determination and digestion, 3. improved communication, 4. increased energy and inspiration, 5. magnetic radiance. These techniques are accessible to all levels and they can be practiced for as little as 3 breaths or longer.
  • Effects of balanced and unbalanced Prana
  • The spinal breath technique
  • How and when to teach these techniques to beginner and experienced students
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