The most common thing I'm hearing recently is the seemingly unending feeling of burnout. This month's email shares some of my favorite ideas for incorporating more self-care, dialing it back and reclaiming what's important.
In the wise words of my mom, "if you don't take care of yourself, no one else will." This article offers self-care suggestions for leaders.

If you’re feeling burned out and haven’t mastered ways to dial it back, this HBR article offers a few ways to give yourself permission to dial it back. 

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This article by Art Petty offers seven ideas to fight leadership fatigue. My favorites are 4 and 5. What are yours?

Maybe it’s time to stop trying to get everything done. This How I Work interview with Oliver Burkeman shares a different perspective around productivity.

In this short blog post, I reflect on three lessons learned from the golf course.

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