Basic service charge adjustment on Feb. bill

The board of directors concluded that these adjustments are necessary due to forecasted lower electricity sales, inflation, the increased cost associated with system maintenance and improvements, rising costs of fuel to generate electricity at our not-for-profit power plant, and everyday materials to maintain the system.

Beginning with the February 2024 bills, the basic service charge will increase by $3, from $42 to $45.

Additionally, because of these rising costs, approximately $.40 cents of this increase will go towards LMRE’s desperately needed new HQ. Unfortunately, inflation and rising costs also affected all of the materials needed to construct this building and the currently held funding is not enough to cover the full costs.  

In the end, the average-use consumer members can expect approximately a 1% increase on their total bill. This will vary based on the on-peak and off-peak usage and actual kilowatts used per member.

To learn ways to save energy, don't hesitate to get in touch with our energy advisors by calling the co-op during regular business hours. To track your usage, please utilize the SmartHub app located on our website or available for your smartphone. More information is available here:

For more information regarding the new rates and how to save money through the Time-of-Day schedule, click here

Applications for the 2024 co-op scholarships are available!

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Saving money on your electric bill through Time-of-Day rates

It’s no surprise that electricity use fluctuates throughout the day based on consumer demand, and your not-for-profit electric cooperative must be able to provide enough electricity to meet the energy demands of all our members during times of highest energy use, also known as “on-peak hours.” Early morning hours, when people often start their day, and evening hours, when people return to their homes after work, are common times for on-peak hours. To view the winter time-of-day schedule, visit 

To reduce peak energy demand and save money, LMRE has a time-of-use rate program to encourage electricity use during off-peak hours — when energy is less expensive to provide. Similar to saving money by attending a matinee, you can keep more money in your wallet simply by using electricity during an off-peak time period. 

Using less on-peak power means lower costs for LMRE and, ultimately, lower rates for members. 

Electric rates based on time of use offer consumers the ability to lower their electricity costs without reducing the amount of electricity used. By performing some of your daily chores, like running the dishwasher or doing laundry, during off-peak hours, you can save on your utility bill. Similarly, you can plug electronic equipment, such as computers, printers, TVs, and power tools into a power strip, then turn it off during peak hours.  

You can also put technology to work for you. If you have a programmable thermostat, adjust the settings so your heating/cooling system syncs up with the off-peak rate periods. Use automatic timers to run hot tubs, pool pumps, water heaters, and other appliances in the same way. 

Saving energy can be simple. Remember, by shifting your energy use to off-peak times, you have the power to save on your monthly energy bill. 

Employees graduate from Leadership Edge!

Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative is celebrating multiple employees’ recent graduation from the Leadership Edge program. Leadership Edge is hosted by Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives and aims to hone the skills of the next generation of electric cooperative leaders. Congratulations to Lineman Nick Smith and Luke Stone, Human Resources Coordinator Brandi Brown, and Manager of Information Technology Bret Surdock!

The Cooperative Leadership Edge program is hosted by LMRE’s trade association, Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives, and requires six courses, two assessments, and a capstone project. Coursework focuses on coaching employees, managing conflict, adapting communication approaches, carrying out difficult conversations, and delivering results. It is designed to be more than just training; it is a learning experience with measured results throughout the program to gauge impact.

As one of the Seven Cooperative Principles, LMRE continually invests in training and development with the goal of serving its members with top talent and skills.

LMRE President/CEO Ed VanHoose expressed, “Our role extends beyond supplying electricity; we aim to enhance the quality of life, work, and service in our communities. This includes prioritizing our employees’ growth and development. Nick, Luke, Brandi, and Bret’s achievements make us proud, and we are delighted to have them as part of our team.”

Apply for the 2024 Youth Tour to Washington, D.C., today!

Do you know a high school sophomore or junior who is interested in leadership, government, and history? Encourage them to apply for the 2024 Youth Tour to Washington, D.C., trip! This year's trip will take place June 15-21, 2024.


As a representative of LMRE, Youth Tour ambassadors will spend the week-long, all-expenses-paid trip to D.C., visiting some of the nation's most historical and significant landmarks alongside 1,800 other students from across the country.

More importantly, they will have the opportunity to meet with Ohio legislators and ask questions about how the decisions made in the capitol affect their friends and family back in rural Ohio.

Check out the video below for a look at the 2023 Youth Tour trip!

Click here to download the Youth Tour application!

November outage report

LMRE experienced 22 outages in November, with the majority caused by animals and birds.

A number of factors can affect how long your power is out during an outage, including the extent of the damage, the number of people out, and the spread of outages across our system. That's why there's a set process for restoring power followed by our line crews to get the lights back on as quickly and safely as possible.

Click here to view the LMRE outage map

New employee Jen Mitchell joins LMRE

We're excited to welcome Jen Mitchell to the co-op family as the new Communications Specialist.


Jen joins the co-op with several years of experience in mass communications and will make a great addition to our co-op team.


Welcome to the team, Jen! 

A look inside this month's Ohio Cooperative Living

The January issue of Ohio Cooperative Living is now available online! LMRE-specific information begins on page 17, and highlights include:

  • Winter 2023-2024 resilience
  • Be winter ready: A guide to winter storm preparedness

Find the digital here!

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