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Although this is our 25th newsletter, it's the very first to address the most important piece of the positioning puzzle, Point of Difference. To give you a solid overview of this crucial positioning component, this newsletter includes two videos and a blog post on the topic.  As with most of our content, the videos and blog post are based on our experience teaching, working with clients, and advising entrepreneurs and founders.   
One of these founders is Carson Goodale, CEO of FanFood and a Future Founders fellow. This is the second year we've worked with Carson, and his company has been making fantastic progress. 
FanFood is a stadium concessions ordering app that was founded almost five years ago, when Carson was still in college. Today it's making people's lives easier in more than 70 venues including the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and the University of South Carolina's Gamecock Athletics facilities. The FanFood team has now grown to more than 20 people, and the company is in the midst of bringing on new investors, including Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, the co-founders of Peapod! 
We're also continuing to build our original content through new class offerings. Our most recent,  Marketing Department of One for the American Marketing Association, has been a big hit. We'll be teaching it again next year in 3-4 cities, including Philadelphia on March 26-27.  If you know someone who might be interested, feel free to pass along this 20% discount code: Silver20
Finally, for those of you who have expressed interest in our online, self-directed Positioning Boot Camp, have no fear, it's still in the works. However, it will now be part of a larger online Marketing Department of One curriculum. The tentative launch date is Q2 2020. If you'd like to learn more, reply to this email and we'll give you an update and add you to the launch list.  
Is Your Point of Difference a Buried Treasure?

Sometimes our Point of Difference is so deeply ingrained in our business' DNA that it takes someone looking in from the outside to help clearly define it.  
When you're on the inside, you may not even realize what makes your company truly remarkable or exceptional until you hear the perspective of people who are familiar with your business and your competitors.
Four Easy Tools for Identifying Your Point of Difference    

While defining a company's Point of Difference is typically challenging, we've developed a variety of tools and exercises to help our clients and students explore what theirs might be.  
We review four of them in this 4-minute video
Throwdown: So You Think YOUR Service is Differentiating?

Whenever we teach Positioning, someone invariably wants their Point of Difference to be "Exceptional service." Generally, this is way too generic to be genuinely differentiating. But one exception to the rule is a remanufactured toner cartridge company we worked with a few years ago.  
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We appreciate your continued referrals and are always excited to meet new businesses that might need our supplemental marketing strategy services.

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