Blessings from Bethlehem!

The Christmas spirit is mounting, and Bethlehem is displaying the beauty of this Advent season! We are excited to share with you the latest developments here at Bethlehem Bible College as we prepare for this season as well. 

The charitable branch of BethBC, the Shepherd Society, is featured in this month's Holy Land Tales. Check out the work they do and the importance of their service in our community and beyond. You'll also want to take a look at our International Children's Day video featuring some of the youth of Palestine.

One of our most devoted students is also featured this month, and her testimony of faithfulness and fortitude are a great encouragement! In order to help students like Suhad, the proceeds gathered from the BethBC gift shop, the Star Bazaar, go toward scholarships for our students. Consider a unique gift idea of sending a hand-written Christmas card to your loved ones from Bethlehem!

We hope that the remainder of this year meets you with grace and blessing as you enjoy this time with family and friends. 

Many blessings from the land of Christ, 
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
Bethlehem Bible College
We are bringing quality education and training to our students who go through deep and powerful transformation for the purpose of serving and encouraging others. We are always proud to see the transformation of our students, setting aside their old selves and becoming what they were born to be!

A glance out across a rural landscape of Palestine would guarantee the presence of sheep being tended to by a local shepherd. At times, one need not look very far, as flocks are often herded across the streets of town even here in Bethlehem. This tradition of shepherding and caring for flocks has long been in the DNA of this region.

  • We praise the Lord for His provision for BethBC the past year!
  • We pray for children and youth deprived of basic human rights during this month's Children's Day.
  • Lift up the Shepherd Society as they continue in their important service to the community and abroad.
  • Pray for those whose circumstances make living through the winter weather difficult.