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We hope you enjoy reading our articles as you also learn more about Palestinian art through the work of Rana Bishara. In this newsletter,  we also have a short video of one of our students and his powerful testimony of faith in the midst of sickness.

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Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
Bethlehem Bible College

Can you recall your favorite childhood toy or activity? Perhaps you can remember the carefree nature of running around with your friends and playing games in the yard.  For a large number of Palestinian children, this is not their reality. Many of these moments of normalcy are crushed by violence like night-raids, tear-gas, harassment and even arrests and detainment. These children grow up under the weight of the Israeli occupation, and their development is greatly effected by this ongoing violence.

“A Pot in His Hand,” a counseling and guidance ministry at Bethlehem Bible College, held its monthly event entitled “The Art of Dealing with People,” at the college. Among those in attendance were women from the Bethlehem area.

The evening began with some praise music led by Sister Patricia Hashwa, and with Rev. Dr. Jack Sara, president of the college, playing the piano.

Earlier this month, Palestine was represented at the 2 nd  Annual Middle East and North Africa Ultimate Club Championships in Amman, Jordan. Competing against eleven other teams from the region, Ultimate Palestine attended their first tournament of this kind. Being a new club in a region not typically known for playing frisbee, Ultimate Palestine used this opportunity to better understand how the game is played at a more competitive level, improve basic skills of disc handling and network with other teams in the region for future partnerships, clinics and tournaments.
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