Blessings from the heart of Bethlehem!

Much has unfolded since you've last heard from us, and we are excited to share our summer with you! 

You'll find exciting news about a recent development in terms of partnership with North Park University in Chicago in our news highlights for the month. This has potential for neat beginnings in academic opportunities for our students. 

Further, our students recently participated in a cultural exchange through the European Commission that you don't want to miss in both our Holy Land Tales video as well as our students' testimonies of their experience. 

Bethlehem Bible College recently held elections for our Board of Trustees. Read more about who is a part of the Board as well as who holds which position. We are blessed by those that oversee the College's endeavors.

We have also included our summer update in this newsletter to keep you up to speed with all that has been happening these past few months!

Thank you again for you continued support and engagement with us at BethBC!
Blessings on the remainder of your summertime!


Rev. Dr. Jack Sara

Bethlehem Bible College

At the end of June, our students participated in Erasmus+, a cultural exchange program, with a British group from different cities across the UK.

It was a very extraordinary experience for our students who had the chance to get to know new people from a different culture. It helped our students to develop their English skills, as well as their confidence in speaking English.


This summer has held many noteworthy occasions, but perhaps one that stands out to Bethlehem Bible College is a new partnership with North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois.
Since its inception, Bethlehem Bible College has been governed by a local Board of Trustees. Seven trustees oversee the work of the College, with other local leaders serving the board by election as needed. The trustees represent various professions and denominations from a range of church backgrounds to reflect the interdenominational nature of BethBC. They possess various skills reflecting experience in a range of fields including theology, academics, peacemaking, reconciliation, finances, human resources, pastoring, legal sectors, and management areas.