Marhaba min Bethlehem!
(Hello from Bethlehem!)

We recently celebrated International Mother Language Day here at Bethlehem Bible College! We've included some popular phrases that we often use in Arabic if you're willing to give our language a try! 

In the same tone of celebration, you'll definitely want to check out the story "Love in the Shadow of the Wall," as a testament of love in the face of our difficult circumstances and the fortitude required to maintain a strong marriage. Similarly, bringing to light the situations we face here in Palestine, an article speaking to the role of Christ's followers as it pertains to social justice is also included in this month's newsletter. 

Lastly, we have included a short survey to garner some feedback from you. Would you take a few moments to fill it out, and help us to improve our publications and newsletters? We really appreciate your input!

Many blessings to you!

Rev. Dr. Jack Sara

Bethlehem Bible College

West Bank Palestinians encounter many complications if they marry someone from outside the West Bank. Whether the spouse is an Arab resident of East Jerusalem, an Israeli citizen, or a foreigner, he or she will encounter a good deal of stress in attempting to live in Palestine—not only due to political tensions, but also legal complexity and uncertainty.


Today is World Day of Social Justice. In 2007, the United Nations declared that February 20th would be devoted to “promoting efforts of the international community to poverty eradication, the promotion of full employment and decent work, gender equity and access to social well-being for all.” That last bit seems to sum up anything else that may have fallen through the cracks in their description. Social well-being may be interpreted differently among the myriad of factions dwelling in the world today, but how does this specifically apply to those that claim to be followers of Jesus?