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Beth Lawrence's Tip - November 2013 !

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Getting or Giving?


I love setting Goals.  I make lists and feel great every time I cross off an action item.   Goal setting clarifies your destination so that people and resources can come into your life to help you reach your Goal.  But too many times when we are 'reaching' for our Goal, we are coming from a place of 'getting' or striving, which rings of desperation.


Instead of plowing forward to 'grasp the golden ring', I like to think of achieving my goals in a very different way.  Imagine that your Goal is an ideal that you are permitting to work through you,  as you reveal your highest self in everything you do.  


Know that the realization of your big dream is unfolding as you express yourself openly without anxiety or fear.  By revealing your best self through your talents and actions, then acting as if your Goal is already realized, you are allowing your dream to work through you, and come to you.  As you express the idea that embodies your dream Goal,  you are giving of yourself, while magnetizing everything you will need to manifest your vision.


My All About Voice Tip:

Allow your Goal to be an idea that works through you and is expressed through the giving of your gifts and talents.



"I love to give, and in giving I create opportunities to share my talents with the world!"


  �2013 Beth Lawrence 




Join the Bel Canto Revolution!  I did, and have never had another problem with my voice in over 30 years!!








"I want to thank you for helping me with my voice and presentation skills. When we first started our coaching, I was talking through my nose in a very nasal way. You taught me to loosen my jaw, let the sounds come out without pushing them out in a breathy way. 

You taught me to release and let my voice happen organically, naturally. But most of all, you really helped me with my confidence in presenting to a single person or to a crowd. 

Now when I present my webinars, I don't hang onto every scripted word but try to keep things going in a natural delivery. You are a great coach and a Gong Show winner to boot"! 

Take care, Vicki Matsumonji






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