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March 2024

chasing clouds...

Dear friends,

Welcome to my monthly "PHOTOBLOG" newsletter, which I have been publishing for several years and have enjoyed sending to friends and clients in order to keep them informed of my current photographic interests, new works, upcoming exhibits and other Gallery events.

A new "subject" is at the center of each Newsletter, with which I present a short series of pertinent images along with any needed description and details, in order to allow my viewers to become more actively part of the discussion.

Most of the imagery displayed will be eventually on view at "IMAGES" Art Gallery, now located in suite # 207 of the 78 STUDIOS complex (1300 78th street, Cleveland) and of course I always welcome anyone's comments and interest in my work. I would be very happy to extend to all an invitation to contact us so that a personal time for a visit might be conveniently arranged.

Any of these and other images could be custom printed/framed and become part of your art collection, based on your specifications and desires.

Over the years my recipients list has gradually grown, thanks to your interest and support, and I encourage you to share this "PHOTOBLOG" with friends and art lovers in your circles.

More of my photography on view at

A sincere "thank you" for your interested attention,

Marcello Mellino.

If you have been looking out of your windows here in Cleveland over the last few days...for sure you did see plenty of clouds and VERY winterly skies over the Lake! Fortunately Spring is around the corner, even though for us living here it always seems to be a rather long and painful process until we finally get, usually plenty of clouds in the sky to look at, but not only around here: actually this series provides a glimpse at wonderful clouds formations I have captured with my camera in many corners of the world. Blue skies are indeed beautiful and reassuring, but complex clouds add certainly a great degree of interest and texture to what is in front of us up there!

Have fun with these, and don't forget to get ready for the upcoming eclipse next month...even your camera will need appropriate protection to avoid any damage from the unusual light exposure!

Best, Marcello.

These are not only CLE skies

"IMAGES" Art Gallery is currently exhibiting an exciting mix of personal photography along with a good number of vintage and antique paintings, prints and other works of art, part of IMAGES Art Gallery inventory and all well worth viewing, at your convenience!

Along with Cleveland photographers Maria Perme and Tim Greenleaf, I am very happy to announce the opening of our newest exhibit at the Avon Lake Library Waugaman Gallery, titled "EARTH MEDICINE"; the show opens today, until July 26th, with an artist reception scheduled at the Library Gallery on July 6th (5.30 to 8pm), to which all are welcome to come.

Happy Summer to all, Marcello!

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