Important Information for Use of the Front Gate from the Greater Imperial Board

As of April 1st, the guard house will no longer have telephone access to get a gate pass for any guests or vendors. Everyone MUST use the Checkpoint app on their phone to register a guest or vendor.

The front gate now has a video system that records all events at the gate. All vehicles are required to make a full stop at the stop sign so that the gate pass sticker or gate wand can be scanned so the gate can accurately open. People are not stopping and the gate arm is slow to respond causing accidents with the arm.

For Our Bermuda Greens Residents:

A link to the Checkpoint website can be found under Useful Information on our website,

If you need help in setting up the app, you will need to contact Compass Rose, as they manage Checkpoint at the gate. You can ask for Erin. Unfortunately, Claire Marie will be unable to assist you on this. You must contact Compass Rose.

Compass Rose contact information:

Compass Rose

Ask for Erin


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