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May 2024

The Green and Gold we will e'er uphold, and ever to our school be true.

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The Berkeley Institute 1994

30 Years Later, how much has changed...

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For thee we'll work, and of thee be proud, what e'er may come to thee!

Much has happened over the month of April 2024 with our students. We've hosted 3 major performing arts productions, begun exams, participated in Community Events, and participated in fundraisers to support the wider community. Our students are doing an exemplary job in showing Bermuda and the world what it means to be a Berkeleyite.

In my travels, I regularly come across the age-old argument that the new generation of students aren't representative of "the real Berkeley". If there's one thing in life that is consistent, it is change. Things are not meant to be how they were 20, 30, 40,60 years ago. EVERYTHING has changed, and as an institution, we have to move with those changes.

I challenge you; instead of lamenting how things are so different from what you remember from your Berkeley Experience, spend some time on campus, engaging WITH (not lecturing at, but speaking WITH) our students and staff on the changes and how they feel The Berkeley is preparing them for their future. Share your insights and wisdom gained over the years, to help them on their journey through life. When calls for support are issued, step up and show this current generation what it means to carry the legacy of being a Berkeleyite.

While this generation of students may feel disconnected from the legacy of the past, it's up to us, you, fellow Berkeleyites, to show them how important it is know know and respect how far we've come, so they now benefit from a relatively peaceful environment. To remind them, despite some of the hardships they may face, there are thousands of fellow Berkeleyites who have been in those very shoes and made steps to improve their future, which the life they live today. It is our responsibility to do our part to support the next generation of 'New Berkeleyites'.

I for one am looking forward to seeing more Alumni on campus and engaging with school and alumni activities coming down the pipeline.

Stephanie Lee

Class of '06

Development & Communications Officer

P.S. I am aware that some of our Alumni may not have email or computers in order to receive the regular updates and information sent to alumni about the activities and programmes, alumni can support. Expanding to more traditional communication activities is a work in progress. In the meantime, please share information with your family and friends. If persons say they have provided their email and still aren't receiving messages from us, here are a few options to pursue to rectify the situation.

Physical copies of the previous newsletter can be collected from the Development & Communications Office at The Berkeley Institute.

... Leaders in both the local and global communities...

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Gone, but never forgotten

Over the month, we've had to say good-bye to some of our own. On behalf of The Berkeley Family, we send our condolences to the family and friends of our fellow Berkeleyites.


Former Library Assistant at The Berkeley Institute


Class of 1984/85


I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.

2 Timothy 4:7-8

The week of May 6th - 10th is Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week! One week is not enough to celebrate our staff, it is a week that the leadership of the school acknowledges the commitment to our young people with a series of events.

We always get students to engage in a meaningful way - they will hear more about this very soon. This year we wanted to include you, our parents/guardians and fellow Berkeleyites as well. How can you do this? I am glad you asked! 😊

Below are some ways parents/guardians can celebrate all staff members (but not limited to):

  • Give Thanks and Praise! - send a handwritten note, text, voice message, email, etc. thanking a teacher or staff member for all they have done.
  • Send a sweet or healthy treat!
  • Make a classroom donation (find out what a teacher or staff member needs - it can be for now or later)

There is no pressure to spend money - it is the thought that counts! Thanks for your support with this!! Let's overwhelm our teachers and staff with much love during this week (May 6 - May 10)!

Kind regards,

Ms. Kali Douglas

Deputy Principal

Congratulations and well done to all the students, staff and parents and guardians who supported 'Sister Act: The Musical' It was a phenomenal performance, thoroughly enjoyed by all. A snippet will be performed during Spring Into the Arts on Thursday, May 2nd.

Some of our talented students submitted art work for the annual Senior School Art Showcase at Bermuda Society of Arts. Their developing talents are nurtured by our Art Instructors Ms. Tenisha Dill and Ms. Ani Douglas.

The annual Agricultural Exhibition was a fantastic 3 days. The Berkeley PTSA hosted a stall to raise funds for scholarships distributed to the graduating class. We're grateful to everyone who visited the stall and supported. We also had numerous submissions from our arts and technical studies departments.

The school administration have instituted a programme known as 'Panther Pride'. The purpose is to reinforce positive behaviours among our student population. Students observed going beyond the 'norm' are issued 'Panther Pride' notices, which are added to their student profile, and entered into a draw for a free grub day, and funds added to a scholarship which is then issued when the student graduates. Members of the public can participate in this initiative by sending a note sharing the details and the student's name, or visiting the Main Office.

Let's do our part to encourage our students to embody the pride that makes Berkeleyite roar, wherever we may roam.

Upcoming Activities You can Support!

Save the Date!

The Berkeley Institute Performing Arts Programmes will be offering installments in the annual Spring into the Arts programme. The Senior School edition will run Thursday, May 2nd beginning at 6:00 p.m. at Ruth Seaton James Auditorium inside Cedarbridge Academy.

Admission is $5.

Every person has been affected by cancer. Join the annual Relay for Life Fundraiser in aid of Bermuda Cancer and Health. Students can volunteer for community service hours. Both students and staff participate in this event. Show your support with a donation towards their fundraising, or join the team!

Friday, May 11th - Saturday, May 12th.


Save the Date!

The BES Annual Jazz Jam Returns

Saturday, July 6, 2024

More details to be released soon.

The Berkeley Institute Class of 2024 Annual Graduates Walk will be held Saturday May 18th, Please support them with a donation which will go towards graduation activities.

On Monday, October 6, 1879, the Founding Committee consisted of six men first met with the intention of establishing a school where ALL Bermudians students could get a secondary education. Now, 145 years since this auspicious meeting, The Berkeley Institute stands as a testament to these ideals, having shaped the framework of Bermuda.

Stay tuned for more information on the 145th Anniversary of The Berkeley Educational Society Activities, Fall 2024.

We will always bear with us, that dear memory engraved on our heart.

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Saving Historical Landmarks

The first meeting of the Berkeley Educational Society took place at “Wantley”, the residence of Samuel David Robinson, on Monday 6th October, 1879 with six men in attendance. The second meeting took place at “Wantley” on Thursday 9th October 1879 with five more men in attendance. These eleven men became the Founding Fathers of the Berkeley Educational Society, the parent body of our school. They met to discuss the feasibility of promoting a scheme for the establishment of a secondary school, a school for all regardless of race, colour or creed.

Unfortunately, over time, this property has fallen to disrepair and a call was issued to demolish it. The Legacy & Programme Committee have taken the charge in stalling it's destruction, but continue to need the support of Berkeleyites far and wide to save and preserve this building. This is vital work, not only as it relates to the history and legacy of The Berkeley Institute, but it's immeasurable value to Bermuda History and shaping the landscape of our island as we know it.

The Berkeley Educational Society is the parent organization of The Berkeley Institute. Formed in 1879 with 11 men with the vision of establishing a school to provide a quality education ALL of Bermuda's youth. 20 years later, that vision became reality with the opening of The Berkeley Institute on September 6, 1897 to 15 Boys and 12 Girls at Samaritans Lodge on Court Street.

Today, they continue to stand as the parent organization, supporting the school and standing as stalwarts for the veritable legacy of the founding fathers and the history of the institution.

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