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April 2024

The Green and Gold we will e'er uphold, and ever to our school be true.

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Our Alma Mater: The Berkeley Institute

Welcome to the first of what I anticipate to be many newsletters for The Berkeley Institute Alumni.

Over the years, there has been a call to have an coordinated Alumni programme for our esteemed Alma Mater. I am honoured to be in the position to continue the work of those who have laid groundwork in connecting and engaging with alumni. Much work has occurred behind the scenes in the past few months in this role, and much more is required to get us to where we want to be. Please be patient with us as we work to bringing a functioning association to support ALL Berkeley Alumni.

It is my intention going forward that these newsletters will provide updates on some of the activities occurring at The Berkeley Institute with the current students, activities you can support, alumni highlights, and programmes to support Berkeley Alumni.

Stay tuned, keep your eye on THE Berkeley Institute.

Stephanie Lee

Class of '06

Development & Communications Officer

Chairperson of The Berkeley Educational Society

Since 1879, The Berkeley Educational Society has stood as stalwarts of The Berkeley Institute. This institution has supported thousands of individuals over the last 126 years, providing quality education to all Bermudians, to empower them to become leaders in both local and global communities. 

The Berkeley Educational Society continues to stand as the history and legacy bearer of our esteemed Alma Mater, ensuring that we continue to uphold the ideals and principles of our Founding Fathers, as we press forward, forging a future far brighter than could have been imagined 145 years ago. 

On behalf of the Management Committee of the Berkeley Educational Society, we are encouraged by the continued support of our alumni who take to heart the essence of what it means to be a Berkeleyite; their continued presence in our local and global communities, and especially on our impeccable campus, ensuring that Respice Finem is as much a motto, as it is a promise.


Anika DeShields

Class of '89

Chairperson The Berkeley Educational Society

The Berkeley Alumni Committee

As the years progress, and our graduates continue to carry the banner of being proud Berkeleyites, it is paramount for the institution to continue to be a support for Berkeleyites far and wide, beyond leaving our doors. We want to remind our alumni 'Oft as you can, come back again'. The developing Alumni Association is committed to acting as the facilitator for alumni to connect with each other, and the establishment that laid the foundation for thousands. As Alumni, it is part of our duty to continue the legacy of The Berkeley Institute by connecting with each new generation of Berkeleyites. We give of our time, skills, knowledge, and finances, to keep the quality of education provided by The Berkeley Institute at the level demanded by those who’ve handed us the torch of life


Rhonda Woods-Smith

Class of '76

Co-Chair Berkeley Alumni Association

Terri-Lynn Richardson

Class of '89

Co-Chair Berkeley Alumni Association

Chairman of The Berkeley Board of Governors

The early beginnings of The Berkeley Institute bore witness to the enduring fact that the Founding Fathers dared to boldly dream of a learning center that would provide for the better education of the people – all people, regardless of gender or race. In 1879, in addition to being bold, this was extremely innovative.


As our public education system goes through this new period of reform which includes, in part, the introduction of Signature Learning Programming, I am pleased to note that The Berkeley Institute has never strayed from its innovative roots and its more recently adopted Core Values. Articulated almost a quarter of a century ago, one of the values is to promote excellence by selecting programmes and courses of study that will enhance the career aspirations of our students. 

We can be justly and immensely proud of the inspired leadership and the teaching corps of our school which sits at the vanguard of the reintroduction and re-emphasis of internationally recognized exit certifications (such as IGCSE and BTEC), the launch of the Dual Enrolment programme with the Bermuda College as well as the highly successful Berkeley Accelerated Summer Institute programme (better known as BASI) – providing students with the opportunity to take advanced studies for equivalent credits during the summer recess.

As Chairman of the Governing Body of The Berkeley Institute, I salute firstly the members and Management Board of the Berkeley Educational Society for granting us the awesome responsibility, as an Aided School, to manage the school operations, and secondly to the parents whose support and encouragement are pivotal to positive student development. Importantly, I also want to recognize Berkeley’s storied and vast alumni which hold their Berkeley days dear to their hearts and also frequently give of their time and other resources to support the School and the current generation of Berkelyites in the pursuit of their academic goals.


Craig I.V. Bridgewater

Class of '86

Chairman of The Berkeley Governing Body

Principal's Message

Dear Berkeley Institute Alumni,

It is with great pride and honor that I serve our Alma Mater as the 8th Principal of our beloved school - The Berkeley Institute. 

This Alumni Newsletter is intended to reach out to you especially, the esteemed alumni members of The Berkeley Institute family, where we will share updates, successes, initiatives and future events for our school.

As we reflect on our school's rich history and traditions, we are reminded of our enduring motto, "Respice Finem - Keep the End in View." This timeless phrase encapsulates the essence of our educational journey, urging us to remain focused on our goals and aspirations, even in the face of challenges and obstacles.

As alumni of The Berkeley Institute, you embody the values instilled within these walls - integrity, resilience, and a commitment to excellence. Your accomplishments and contributions to society serve as a testament to the transformative power of a Berkeley Institute education.

In keeping with our motto, let us continue to strive for greatness in all endeavors, keeping our eyes firmly fixed on the future. Whether you are excelling in your chosen profession, making a difference in our community or globally, pursuing further education, remember the lessons learned and the memories cherished during your time at The Berkeley.

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the world and education reform, let us remain connected and united in our shared experiences as members of The Berkeley Institute family. Together, we can continue to uphold the legacy of excellence and make a positive impact on the world around us.

I invite you to stay engaged with our school community, whether through alumni events, mentoring opportunities, or simply staying connected with fellow alumni. Your continued support and involvement are invaluable as we strive to uphold the traditions and values that define The Berkeley Institute. Together, we can make a difference and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

We continue to embrace our newer Berkeleyites and strive to have them understand what it truly means to be a Berkeleyite. It is our hope that you will be pleasantly pleased with our successes, the future ahead for our school and the far-reaching accomplishments of our alumni near and far.

Happy reading!

Keisha L. Douglas

Class of '90


Oft as we can, we come back again!

Here, oft you'll find us.

A huge thank you to all the alumni who supported the S4 Mock Interview sessions on Friday, March 15th. These interviews help the graduating class to get more accustomed to being interviewed as they prepare for scholarships and the wider-working world.

Fostering connections across generations is part of what it means to be a Berkeley Alumni!

Do you have something you'd like to share with your fellow Berkeley Alumni? Advertise it here! A special event or activity, your business product or services, a job opening, or anything in between. Email with your request and for pricing.

Congratulations to Gold House! The 2024 Sports Day Champions!

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Upcoming Activities You can Support!

#Trending: Student Dance Show

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Show starts 6:00 p.m.

Tickets are $10

Available from The Berkeley Institute Main Office

Destination Runway: Class of 2024 Fashion Show

Friday, April 12 & Saturday, April 13, 2024.

Show starts 8:00 p.m. both nights.

General Admission tickets are $20

Patron Tickets are $50

Available from The Berkeley Institute Main Office

Sister Act - The Musical

Thursday, April 25th: 6:30 p.m. Start

Saturday, April 27th: 7:00 p.m. Start

Sunday, April 28, 2024: 4:00 p.m. Start

General Admission: $20

Green Patron: $60

Gold Patron: $80

Available from and The Berkeley Institute Main Office

The school administration have instituted a programme known as 'Panther Pride'. The purpose is to reinforce positive behaviours among our student population. Students observed going beyond the 'norm' are issued 'Panther Pride' notices, which are added to their student profile, and entered into a draw for a free grub day, and funds added to a scholarship which is then issued when the student graduates. Members of the public can participate in this initiative by sending a note sharing the details and the student's name, or visiting the Main Office.

Let's do our part to encourage our students to embody the pride that makes Berkeleyite roar, wherever we may roam.

Sign up to walk the Annual End to End for Team Berkeley!

Register for End To End

Join Team Berkeley for the annual End to End Saturday, April 27th!

To register, click the link and enter your details.

In the dropdown box 'Join a Team' type in 'Berkeley' and select 'Berkeley Institute'.

The school team that raises the most wins $15,000!

Support your Alma Mater, while raising funds for Bermuda's other well deserving charities!

Visit the Bermuda Society of Arts Gallery in City Hall for the 59th Annual Middle & Senior School Art Exhibition, which runs April 16th - 29th. Art students from The Berkeley Institute have submitted their works. Stop by and support our talented students!

Every person has been affected by cancer. Join the annual Relay for Life Fundraiser in aid of Bermuda Cancer and Health. Students can volunteer for community service hours. Both students and staff participate in this event. Show your support with a donation towards their fundraising, or join the team!

Friday, May 11th - Saturday, May 12th.

The Berkeley Institute PTSA will be hosting a stall during the Annual Agricultural Exhibition, April 18th - 20th. Make sure you pay a visit to the stall and support the Parents and Guardians of The Berkeley Institute!

Save the Date!

The Berkeley Institute Performing Arts Programmes will be offering installments in the annual Spring into the Arts programme. The Senior School edition will run Thursday, May 2nd beginning at 6:00 p.m. at Ruth Seaton James Auditorium inside Cedarbridge Academy.

Admission is $5.


Save the Date!

The BES Annual Music Festival Returns

Saturday, July 6, 2024

More details to be released soon.

On Monday, October 6, 1879, the Founding Committee consisted of six men first met with the intention of establishing a school where ALL Bermudians students could get a secondary education. Now, 145 years since this auspicious meeting, The Berkeley Institute stands as a testament to these ideals, having shaped the framework of Bermuda.

Stay tuned for more information on the 145th Anniversary of The Berkeley Educational Society Activities, Fall 2024.

We will always bear with us, that dear memory engraved on our heart.

Planning a 5 or decade year reunion? Email to share!

Do you have something you'd like to share with your fellow Berkeley Alumni? Advertise it here! A special event or activity, your business product or services, a job opening, or anything in between. Email with your request and for pricing.

Saving Historical Landmarks

The first meeting of the Berkeley Educational Society took place at “Wantley”, the residence of Samuel David Robinson, on Monday 6th October, 1879 with six men in attendance. The second meeting took place at “Wantley” on Thursday 9th October 1879 with five more men in attendance. These eleven men became the Founding Fathers of the Berkeley Educational Society, the parent body of our school. They met to discuss the feasibility of promoting a scheme for the establishment of a secondary school, a school for all regardless of race, colour or creed.

Unfortunately, over time, this property has fallen to disrepair and a call was issued to demolish it. The Legacy & Programme Committee have taken the charge in stalling it's destruction, but continue to need the support of Berkeleyites far and wide to save and preserve this building. This is vital work, not only as it relates to the history and legacy of The Berkeley Institute, but it's immeasurable value to Bermuda History and shaping the landscape of our island as we know it.

The Berkeley Educational Society is the parent organization of The Berkeley Institute. Formed in 1879 with 11 men with the vision of establishing a school to provide a quality education ALL of Bermuda's youth. 20 years later, that vision became reality with the opening of The Berkeley Institute on September 6, 1897 to 15 Boys and 12 Girls at Samaritans Lodge on Court Street.

Today, they continue to stand as the parent organization, supporting the school and standing as stalwarts for the veritable legacy of the founding fathers and the history of the institution.

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