County services remain available online or over the phone, and in some cases, in-person by appointment.

Board of Commissioner meetings and advisory committee meetings remain open to the public and are available online through GoToMeeting.

Benton County received its latest warning risk metrics from the Oregon Health Authority on Tuesday, and remains in the “Extreme Risk” category.

County facilities will not reopen to the public until the County has remained in the “High Risk” category for two consecutive two-week periods. This will allow the County to reduce the “yo-yo” effect from opening and closing each time the County moves from “High” to “Extreme Risk,” as well as provide the highest degree of safety for the public and County staff. The earliest possible date for reopening County lobbies to the public is March 1, 2021, depending on which risk protection category the County falls in at that time.

Information about the risk framework, and Benton County’s current status, is available at

Although there is limited public access to county buildings, the county business operations will continue to serve the public as listed.