September 2011
Kids Benefit from Family Dinners  

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New Game-  Family Dinner Conversation Cards! 

Print your free card game


Healthy Tips Calendars

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October Tips - Print fun calendars with a new quick healthy nutrition or physical activity tip for each day! Choose

Halloween (Spanish)

Healthy Grains (Spanish)


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Whyzz Parents Raise Wise Kids! Providing kid-ready answers to the world's whyzz, whatzz, and howzz. Visit their Website for knowledge and family fun. Get Whyzz iPhone App 


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Family Dinners- Fun and Healthy for Kids!

Discover the many benefits of family dinners, get practical steps for scheduling meals together, easy cooking tips, recipes, resources, and our new 'Family Dinner Conversation Card Game!'  Read Family Dinners this month's 'Nourish Healthy Kids' article for tips on making it a successful, fun and healthy time!


Why Family Dinners? According to research, sharing family dinner on a routine basis is associated with improved children's health and stronger family bonds. Also, children who are familiar with their family culture and history, through family meals, had a closer relationship to family members, higher self-esteem, and a greater sense of control over their own lives. Studies show that families, who sit together for mealtime at least 3 or 4 times a week, benefit in many ways.  


National Family Meal Day is Sept 28! It's a great time to eat dinner together. We know that time is certainly one of the major obstacles to families gathering at mealtime. Here are some practical tips and resources to make it easier to enjoy family dinners together!


Healthy Conversations Cards- Family Dinner Game

free healthy kids dinner card game

Working with our partners at we have created some creative conversation cards to help you have a fun family dinner together!  (* it's also a fun activity for classroom or youth centers!)


Kids will enjoy sharing their ideas about healthy foods and being active- choose from several sets of conversation starters

kids healthy dinner card game 

  • A presidential invitation to fun physical activity!
  • Destination Moon -What foods would you take?
  • Name that Nutrient Game 
  • And more

Ready to get the conversation and fun going for your family meal?  


Here's your free Fun Family Dinner Card Game!


New My Plate Pages  

my plate for kidsWe are excited to share our first batch of new learning pages, worksheets and kids' healthy MyPlate tip sheets- they are useful to help kids learn about the new My Plate and healthy foods in a fun and positive way.


Sample My Plate Printable Grains (Spanish)
grains myplate coloring page
See all My Plate printables and stay tuned for fun new tools, games and printables to teach kids about the new nutrition guidelines and My Plate icon. 


We hope you enjoy the new resources to help teach kids about healthy nutrition. Together we can help all children to learn the facts and skills to make healthy choices for a lifetime!


Maggie LaBarbera, RN and The Nourish Interactive Team


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