Benefits of CO2 and CO2 Coalition vs. EPA
India Experiencing the Benefits of Climate Change

The opening line of the CO2 Coalition's latest documentary tells a statement that people all over the world are hearing: "Climate change is destroying our ecosystem. It is making growing food harder." We have evidence to prove otherwise.  

Our CO2 Coalition Research Associate Vijay Jayaraj lives in India. He recently produced a documentary, interviewing local Indian farmers and displaying their abundant yield to expose the false narrative that climate change is inhibiting crop production.

The increase in the agricultural sector has also made farming as an occupation more rewarding. One farmer that Jayaraj interviewed said, “Farming is now an interesting field; moreover, it gives 100% satisfaction…Farming now creates more opportunities for people.”

Based on his research, Jayaraj feels very confident about India’s agricultural future: “If anything, the temperatures and elevated atmospheric CO2 levels have helped Indian farmers be a part of a record-breaking streak of unprecedented food crop production during the last five years, with each successive year producing more crop than the previous year – and all being historic highs.”

To view our latest documentary India Experiencing the Benefits of Climate Change produced by Vijay Jayaraj, you may do so here.
CO2 Coalition vs. EPA

From Manhattan Contrarian
By Francis Menton

Don’t get the idea that everybody has just given up on exposing the fake “science” behind the global warming scare. In fact, the Manhattan Contrarian is on the job — along with a hardy band of intrepid warriors with which I am associated.

On Friday of this week, my co-counsel and I, on behalf of a small group of plaintiffs, will be filing an opening appeal brief in the DC Circuit challenging the 2009 “finding” made by the EPA that emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases constitute a “danger” to human health and safety. I’ll use this post to give a brief preview, with more detail to follow after the brief becomes public.

You’ll have to wait for Friday to get the full story. But for today, I’ll start with an appetizer of some background on where we are, plus some information on the serious nature of our team and support…

I’ll save a review of the arguments made in our brief until after it becomes public. But meanwhile, I’m learning of some of the eminent scientists who are putting together an amicus brief in support of our position. The CO2 Coalition Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) and also a member of the CO2 Coalition. Sheahen and the Coalition are collaborating on a brief.

The complete Manhattan Contrarian blog, written by CO2 Coalition Member Francis Menton, originally published October 11, 2022, can be accessed here.
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