Volume 047 May 2024
“I don't think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.”
 -Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." -Coco Channel

Happy Beltane and the arrival of the month of May, the 5th month of 2024.

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It contains lots of useful information for May including menu ideas, calendar, and monthly challenges. I love writing these newsletters each month to mark the journey through the year and each new month.

We've really been through a lot this year and the eclipse last month was a phenomenal global experience. Whether you witnessed it in your area or travelled, or watched the broadcast, what an exciting coming together of so many to celebrate this beautiful cosmic show.

How did you do with discipline last month? I hope you dreamed big dreams for your big life and took that first step of consistent action.

The focus of May is BEAUTY.

So far this year we have been through Focus - Purification - Balance - Discipline.
We cultivate these aspects in our lives one by one capturing the unique energies of each season. We learn and grow as the cycles repeat. It's such an exciting opportunity each month to celebrate an active engagement in these cycles.

As May begins we are already in Taurus season and we are seeing blossoms all around us, a welcome sight following the winter and early spring. Taurus is ruled by Venus and represents beauty and an invitation to enjoy the beauty and luxuries of life. It is also an Earth sign signalling us to get grounded, be present and experience all of our senses. Get out of our heads and into our bodies is one way to put it.
We are undeniably living through tumultuous times and sometimes the horrors going on around us locally all the way up to globally are concerning and have the potential to bring us down.

From my point of view, we have a choice. We can get swept away in worry and despair or we recognize that difficult things can be happening and we can experience joy and beauty in the world. Both are true.

This is not about ignoring what's going on, we must pay attention, and we also have a choice of attaching or detaching to the negativity or raising our vibration. Studies show that worry and low emotions create inflammation and blockages in our bodies. On the contrary, peace, joy, and contentment release a cascade of healing hormones.

This can be easier said than done, especially if our emotional reactions have become routine or we are dealing with inherited patterns. Sometimes it simply boils down to making a firm choice and saying to yourself, "Today I see beauty all around me." You might even have to "fake it 'til you make it", but it's worth the conscious effort.

Anne Frank in her desperate situation chose to see and seek the beauty around her. She took pleasure in observing simple things and closely observing even within the confined area.

Within this season of beauty, mothers are celebrated in the U.S and Canada and many other countries all around the globe. It also marks the beginning of graduation season and the beautiful celebration of all the discipline applied to learning. In addition we welcome some long weekends to play and relax. After working hard in the last few weeks we are rewarded with playing hard!

I have a lot of exciting things going on that you'll read more about in the announcements. We will have a new college graduate in the family in a few weeks time, she's working hard finishing those final projects! And finally just this week, we've experienced some better weather and even sunshine here in London! Bring it on, we are ready.

Wishing you a joyful and beautiful month!


I am participating in some exciting things this month:
  • Public Health Collaborative Conference here in London - Lots of great speakers lined up and you can be sure I will have lots to share.
  • A new course all about women's health and hormones and fasting! I can't wait to explore this research-based content, and especially bring that in with 1:1 clients.
  • I am hosting an interactive talk titled "Understanding Inflammation." I've had a lot of fun preparing this and excited to present all the good content including sharing from my own personal story.

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Beltane bonfire at the beach in California in 2022.
MAY 2024

Focus of the Month: BEAUTY

1 May - Beltane/May Day - The Pagan Fire Sabat Beltane occurs half way between the Spring Solstice and the Summer Equinox. The light and warmth from the sun will accelerate in coming weeks. Celebrate the new growth and season of fertility.

5 May - Cinco de MayoIn the U.S and parts of Mexico, 5 de mayo (May 5) is often celebrated commemorating the victory at the Battle of Puebla of the Mexican military against the French led by Napoleon III in the year 1862. While it has become quite commercialized in recent decades, it's an opportunity to celebrate the colorful and vibrant culture of our neighbors to the south and many of them U.S. citizens themselves. Have your own celebration and make your own Mexican Pico de Gallo from this week's recipe.

7/8 May - New Moon - the new moon carries the potential for new beginnings and growth

12 May - Mother's Day - USA, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, South Africa, Fiji, and dozens more countries around the globe

20 May - Gemini season begins - Gemini is an air sign and ruled by Mercury the messenger. we become more social, curious, extroverted, interactive, and even full of ideas. Gemini season brings the final weeks of spring and preparation to move into the next season so we start feeling some of that transitional energy.

23 May - Full Moon - The full moon illuminates the fullness in our lives and is an opportunity to practice gratitude and recognize growth.

27 May - UK Bank Holiday
27 May - Memorial Day - USA
Challenges of the Month - BEAUTY

Get grounded into your best lifestyle practices celebrating beauty inside and out and all around.

Create and upward spiral in your life!
These monthly challenges are about being in a state of continual renewal and restoration.

It's important to remember that our body, mind, and spirit are all connected. Many things will support more than one simultaneously. Also, when we focus on one area we may find ourselves uplifted in other areas as well.

FAMILY/COMMUNITY CONNECTION: Share the monthly challenges and ask family members which one they are most interested in trying out. This is a great way to connect collectively or individually. You can get a pulse on how everyone is doing while strengthening honest and open communication which gives everyone the opportunity to support one another. That's a WIN - WIN - WIN in my books!

Lots to choose from this month and they are very interconnected. Pick as many as you want or practice it all throughout the month.

  • Take time away from devices and experience beauty in the world all around you
  • Give compliments generously to everyone you encounter. Does someone have a beautiful smile, beautiful creative spirit, prepare beautiful food, a good listener, always patient and kind? Tell them and revel in it all month long!
  • Make a ritual of setting a beautiful table for your meals. Use your special serving vessels. Adorn the table and your home with fresh flowers.

  • MIND:
  • Self-Talk - pay attention to how you speak about your body. What do you love about your body? Create an affirmation and compliment yourself often. For example: I really love my hair. My arms are looking good and toned these days. What about your hands, eyes, skin, smile?
  • Mood and 'tude. How is your mood and what attitudes are you bringing out into the world?

  • BODY:
  • Take pleasure in all of you senses, what you see, smell, hear, taste and feel. And the sixth sense is our energy field. Wake up and be ready to experience beauty.
  • Enjoy the aromas of the blossoms
  • Feel spring sunshine on your skin
  • Take pleasure in eating fresh, unprocessed food. Notice the subtle flavors coming from nature
  • What makes you feel beautiful? getting your nails done? a new accessory? a favorite clothing item? Do those things often, and celebrate your beauty!

I love focusing on just a couple of things at a time. Remember this is about building strong foundations one brick at a time. Continue to stay well hydrated, get plenty of movement throughout the day, don't skimp on sleep, and practice gratitude.
Featured Blog Post: Recipe; Pico de Gallo

Remember that eating protein before starches and sweets reduces blood sugar fluctuations which often lead to unstable energy.

These menus, like my coaching sessions, are made for you to customize them according to your likes and preferences and what fits best into your life and your regular meals. They are a framework meant to be adjusted.

Get in touch if you would like more menu support or would like a specific recipe.

Pineapple slices
Cottage Cheese
Sunflower seeds
1 slice toast with butter (optional)

Rainbow salad:
Arugula (Rocket) Salad with feta, cucumber, shredded carrots, celery slices, and tomato.
1/2 apple or 1 clementine

1-2 boiled eggs

Taco Bowl with ground turkey, sweet potato, radish, avocado, fresh pico de gallo -
(rice, black beans, sour cream- optional)
Fresh fruit or yogurt

After dinner/bedtime beverage: Fresh mint tea with honey
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Want your family to be in a better mood or your team to be more productive? Or do you just want to team up with others towards better health and increased energy? Diet and lifestyle choices make a huge impact especially in terms of longterm vitality.

This can range from a one-time workshop or talk to a full extended program with weekly sessions.

All of my work is totally bespoke to you and your group. Email me at sheila@sheilascoaching.com to discuss how we can work together.
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