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Why Fully-Cooked Chicken - By Wayne Sanderson Farms

Operating a restaurant is a complex business – managing inventory, inflationary costs, staffing and guests. It is a demanding and sometimes overwhelming task. As an operator, when evaluating item costs, it’s important to consider the overall costs and how that product can do more for you. With current labor challenges, utilizing products that ease the challenges of prep in the kitchen can reduce the time required of kitchen staff, freeing them up to handle other duties.

So, how can efficiencies be streamlined in the back of the house? Maintaining a consistent, well-trained kitchen staff is harder than ever these days with high turnover and staffing shortages. This can lead to a lack of overall experience, which can put customers at risk from a food safety perspective. Utilizing fully cooked chicken products makes it easier for your kitchen staff, saving time and money.

Food safety is a key benefit of fully cooked items. Fully cooked chicken options like Bellissimo breaded fillets, eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.

Operators don’t need to worry that inexperienced staff might mean delivering undercooked products to their diners. In addition, food prep is dramatically reduced since you can cook directly from a frozen state saving time and labor in the kitchen. Staff no longer need to break down a box of chicken to par bake prior to fully cooking it in the fryer. Since the items are pre-cooked, they just need to be reheated before assembling the dish. With a fully cooked breaded Italian fillet, operators can be sure they are serving consistent products with great flavors every time, no matter who is in the kitchen.

Another benefit of fully cooked chicken is a savings in fry oil. Fresh products weep water into the fry oil, dramatically reducing each oil batch's frying time. Reducing the number of times operators would have to change oil saves time, labor, and money.

Lastly, operators benefit from more product stability with fully cooked chicken products. Raw chicken only lasts up to two days in a refrigerator while fully cooked frozen chicken remains wholesome up to a year from the pack date. Frozen product allows operators to be more flexible and pull their portions directly from the case as needed. No more worry about losses to food waste.

With all the responsibilities on an operator’s plate, it’s time to move to fully cooked chicken products. Bellissimo offers a great variety of fully cooked products including the Breaded Italian Fillet and the Supreme Breaded Fillet. The Breaded Italian Fillet flavored with parmesan cheese and Italian spices is a great option for a consistent and delicious chicken parmesan or chicken piccata. Try using the Supreme Fillet in a sandwich or sliced as a salad topping. Find these tasty chicken products and more at www.bellissimofoods.com.



The Gold Standard in Premium Italian-style Mozzarella Cheese

Vantaggio D'Oro is a premium Mozzarella Cheese specifically crafted for the specialty Italian Pizzaiolo using time-honored cheese making techniques and the freshest ingredients.

Get More From Your Marinara Sauce - By Red Gold

COVID reminded us all that efficiency is key when it comes to the kitchen. Pantry products should help reduce time, labor, space and have multiple applications. Fully prepared sauces are great examples. Why not go beyond pasta noodles or a dip for cheese sticks and use marinara or pizza sauce for more applications. Check out some fresh ideas for these sauces below!

Impossible Stromboli - Plant-based proteins are the fastest growing category so why not take advantage of the trend with a baked sandwich with marinara sauce to give it a bold flavor. Or add your choice of protein.

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich - It travels well for delivery or take out, especially with the rich tomato flavor from a marinara or pizza sauce, that is topped with provolone cheese and freshly grated parmesan cheese. You can make it a vegan sandwich by replacing the chicken with eggplant!

Spicy Meatball Marinara - Keep it simple with your favorite meatball recipe simmered in a flavorful and full-bodied marinara or pizza sauce. Serve the recipe on a sandwich or on top of pasta.

Baked gnocchi (or any type of pasta like penne and rigatoni) Pomodoro ala basil - This is a classic dish with simple but flavorful ingredients that includes marinara or pizza sauce combined with fresh cream and parmesan cheese. Add spinach or broccoli to provide a plant-based add on.

Tomato Bisque - Marinara simmered with fresh heavy cream and a handful of grated parmesan is sure to please your guest during cold weather months.

Lasagna Soup - Create a soup with bold layers of flavor made with marinara or pizza sauce, ground beef, Italian sausage, your favorite gnocchi, feta, and parmesan with a touch of chicken broth.

Swiss Steak - A hearty Swiss steak dish is easy when it's made with a savory marinara or pizza sauce, onions and bell peppers that is cooked slowly to savor the delicious flavors of the beef and the tomato sauce. Make sure the beef is tender, juicy, and delicious!

Remember fully-prepared marinara sauce and pizza sauce are ready to use in a concept that you assemble, heat, and serve to your guest. These sauces typically do not need additional seasonings, providing a variety of menu applications is key to pleasing guests and adding profit to your bottom line.   

If you need assistance with your menu applications, reach out to your local authorized Bellissimo brand distributor or visit Red Gold's website for additional ideas.

Visit our website to find a authorized Bellissimo brand distributor near you!

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