Believers Run Away


Once a pastor told me:
"Believers run away from the words 'fund raising' and 'evangelism'"

Without question, that statement is true and in my experienced opinion EVANGELISM is by far the #1 word that causes people to run...

that's why our ministry is not called
Evangelism Breakthrough-
it's called
Witness Breakthrough

Unfortunately the word "Evangelism" defined is right on- but there is a well founded negative reputation of the word. Bottom line: I personally believe it is because believers were taught what to say but not how to listen and love a result so often "dogmatic and unloving" is unfortunately associated with the word evangelism

When I was a new believer I was taught correctly what to say using outstanding booklets like STEPS TO PEACE WITH GOD (I have used it for more than 40 years). It is SIMPLE BUT PROFOUND in clearly explaining the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how to claim Christ as Savior.


None of the Christian organizations or churches I was involved in ever taught me how to listen , and as Proverbs 18:13 states so well- "He who gives an answer before listening it is to his folly and shame"

Jesus was always listening and loving people . Two of my favorites: the "woman at the well" and the "rich young ruler".

We had a dinner for 20 people from our church to plan a new "evangelism" emphasis starting early 2018. Wyatt, our host who sits on the church Board of Trustees, facilitated the meeting.

I shared with the group my full time WB training experiences throughout America and what they have taught me for the past 14 years...also in every seminar and message from the pulpit I've given there has been a training focus by me on the importance of learning to be compelled by love not duty to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ ( see website and weekly emails)...that's John 3:16 and that's
Witness Breakthrough
During the invaluable dialogue with our church group that followed my presentation...Sandy, Hugh and Bill's concerns were key for me to understand so I know where people were coming from:

*Sandy...wrongly thought we were going to stress knocking on doors 

*Hugh...thought it was going to be focused on church growth. An "inviting people to church" program

*Bill...was concerned a 5-8 week class would be given and that's it...He thought our church would be left hanging as to what to do next

All of these comments and others were so insightful knowing where people are coming from re EVANGELISM ...indeed some have
RUN AWAY in the past

Again I stressed WB's major focus is where you live, move and have your being...Acts 17: 28
"Learn to ask meaningful questions, listen intently and be compelled by love, not duty to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

It's not just an 8 week program for our classes, but it's our life for the rest of our lives...and corporately in our small group/class...

WB Map:
a 30 to 60 mile radius map keeping track weekly of where people
1-intently listen
or 2-share Christ
 or 3-see someone come to Christ

Wyatt Wood facilitating
Ted getting insights from Sandy, Hugh, and Bill plus others too
The group of 20, sharing, interacting brainstorming and praying
A great Christmas setting at Wyatt and Linda's

There are many more details to cover but here's my
to be a more effective WITNESS of your faith in Jesus Christ.

*THE Christmas GIFT

An INSIGHT that can POSITIVELY change your life and your witness:
Follow God's Example in John 3:16 the world so much, 
2nd...that you give people Jesus Christ

Do not think WITNESS first...
think LOVE first...
then, second think WITNESS 
... looking for God's open doors, pray for boldness and speak graciously.

2 very special witness examples in the last 2 days

1-Tudi's minor car accident ...we were coming home and Tudi was driving..we stopped in heavy traffic on an incline...our car rolled back about one foot and bumped the car behind us...police were called but while we waiting I gave my one minute testimony and a wristband to the young lady whose car was slightly hit behind us...when Sgt Turner from the police dept came and investigated the accident..when she was through I gave my one minute testimony and a wristband to her also....with police lights flashing the 4 of us held hands and we prayed to conclude our time together...but not before we all hugged

2-I was in the busy mall waiting for my shoes to be I sat enjoying a milk shake I heard a very talented saxophone player (about 32) playing Christmas music in the food court area across the was a 2 story open atrium setting and a perfect place for the sax to be played...the Christmas music was a blend of all types of annual well known songs...including many songs that honored Jesus...I went over and gave him a tip and thanked him for his talent and the music he played...I was out of wristbands having given them to other people during my time in the I began to walk to my car that was about a quarter of a mile away I decided that I needed to get some wristbands in the car and come back and give him a wristband and my one minute testimony...I did, and then asked him if he had faith in Jesus Christ..he smiled and said "I sure do"...he thanked me and continued playing the beautiful music..
we blessed each other

To encourage you...the BOTTOM LINE to the Christmas Gift insight- and what we will be training our WB seminar attendees to do and experience...

*LOVE first, takes the awkwardness and stress out of believers don't run away from sharing their precious faith in Jesus Christ

*How do you love someone by FFAAIITH
(See WB website, weekly emails, and book)
Merry Christmas from the Spragues and WB

We're so grateful for your prayers and financial support in 2017! We couldn't continue our ministry without you, as we are completely dependant on the gifts from individuals, churches and family foundations.
Thank you for considering a year end gift to the WB ministry, and, as always, we so appreciate your prayers in 2018.

Ted and Tudi
John 3:16
Acts 17:28

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