February 2019
Know their worth

Well-maintained trees can add property value by up to 14%. A healthy tree can have a value up to $10,000. There are many factors when determining the value of a tree, but how do we add them all up? There are new technologies and resources to help figure a trees worth. Our favorite is iTree MyTree . This tool can be used by anyone. Simply type in your address and enter some basic data about your existing tree. This calculator will allow you to see the benefits your trees provides. Benefits include Carbon Dioxide storage, air pollution removed, avoided energy emissions, energy usage and savings.

Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape is here for you and your trees. It's our mission to keep them in excellent health. Our experts have put together a plant health care package for your trees to help them reach their full potential and allow you to enjoy all they have to offer for as long as possible.

Contact us today if you have not received your personalized plant health care proposal.
Pollen starts in February
The earliest pollen source starts in our trees. The Silver Maple is one of the first to produce tree pollen which means food for our bees. Pollen equals food source which grows the bee colonies.
This also marks the beginning of allergy season. According to National Jewish, 35 million Americans are allergic to pollen and mold. Researches say global warming is causing our plants to grow larger and pollen to start earlier.
Each morning a slide is collected by a technician to determine the pollen grain count. This helps physicians and researchers keep track of current and yearly trends.
Colorado Blue Spruce
Colorado's state tree is the Colorado Blue Spruce. First discovered on Pikes Peak in 1862. The piney tree is native to the Rockies. It's waxy coating is what gives the tree its blueish hue. Though it has shallow roots it stands strong against the wind and snow, which makes it ideal for a wind breaker or a privacy screen. It's fresh piney smell is enjoyed by many but a deterrent for deer and rabbits. These trees are champions when it comes to fending off pests and disease. The Blue Spruce has a life span of 150 to 600 years. What an impressive species.
Question of the Month
Q: How does Dormant Horticultural oil work on insect control?
A: When the term dormant oil is used, it refers to the application timing, during the dormant season. The primary way horticultural oil kills insects is by suffocating them. The oil blocks the spiracles through which insects breathe.
Autumn Tree lawn and landscape's crew is proud to be attending the Pro Green Expo in February. This is a huge event within the tree and landscape industry. It is our duty to continue education and network with our local industry businesses to further our knowledge and relationships.
African American history month is celebrated all month. This years theme is Black Migrations . "You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right" -Rosa Parks
American Heart Month
You can make healthy changes to lower your risk of developing heart disease. Controlling and preventing risk factors is also important for people who already have heart disease. What is your hearts age? Click here