Beit Immanuel News
On April 26 at our Friday evening Shabbat service, we laid hands (well mostly arms!) on Aleksey Raikhstadt to lead the Congregation forward into all that the Lord has for us.
We wish you could have been with us as we celebrated this new season for Beit Immanuel Congregation. Here are a few pictures of this special time together.
Books and Oil
It was a special moment handing over the bottle of anointing oil that my wife Michaella and I have used for years to bring healing and comfort to all those who come to God for help in their hour of need.
With family
Our children came to celebrate with us. Even our infant grand daughter Sofia was there.
Prayer Shawl
We placed a Jewish prayer shawl over Aleksey as a reminder of the call he have to intercede for and serve the Jewish people in Israel.

I also presented him with my copy of the OT Wordbook, a classic study on all the Hebrew words in the Bible as a helper to teach God's Word with integrity.
We were honored to be joined by Messianic Pastors who came to pray with us and for our new Pastor Aleksey in this new season in the life of Beit Immanuel Congregation. Some of them even danced with me!
We prayed our the family for protection, guidance and leadership in the months and years ahead.
Your support and messages have been so encouraging over these past few weeks. We are so thankful for the friendships we have built with so many of you over the years.

We do hope to keep in touch with you as we move into this new season of our lives. All of you will forever be in our hearts as we take your love with us wherever we go.

Thank you for helping make Beit Immanuel such a special place for so many people here in Israel and around the world.

Shalom, David and Michaella
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