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February 12, 2021
Celebrating Aging Through the Performing Arts

Happy Valentine’s Day and a grand celebration and valentine wish to all from the Senior Variety Show! But what do SVS and Valentine’s Day have in common? The answer is EVERYTHING! A valentine is defined as a special friend(s) (middle age English from Latin translation) and Valentine’s Day is when special friends share and give to each other.The Senior Variety Show and everyone involved (performers, directors, stage crew, sponsors and audience) are all networked special friends who have shared and enjoyed the talents and magic of seniors for many years!.

While we often think of Valentine’s Day as Feb. 14 and the Senior Variety Show as an August performance showcase, in reality the treasures of both of these can be enjoyed and shared every day. This year’s challenges have exemplified this. Though the SVS took a detour away from a single show, it created the opportunities to develop these newsletters, senior showcase videos, an SVS YouTube channel and Facebook where everyone can enjoy senior talent every day. And there’s never a better day than everyday being a valentine and sharing your gifts and talents with others, especially during these times. We all need and nurture each other!

So look at all the great Valentine’s ditties in the newsletter. Enjoy the Valentine’s Couple quiz and see how many SVS couples you can identify. And presents! Well cards, chocolates, and flowers suffice for most, but learn about that “other gift” in the Senior Spotlight video. Enjoy the new humor at the end (a valentine’s tale). But start by embracing the 3 opening pictures that truly encompass SVS and Valentine’s Day. The Schrag’s are a valentine’s couple that have sung and danced into the hearts of many. The celebration picture is an SVS finale where all performers share their talents together in the final act. But even when the show proper is over, the valentines couple dance continues with performers and audience (young and old) sharing fun!

So a great and Happy Valentine’s Day to all from the Senior Variety Show and may we “be a valentine everyday to all”!

Hint for our next featured performer.
Valentine’s gifts!! Cards, Flowers, and Chocolates! But some like “JEWELRY”!
Make your best guess and hit the hot linked SVS You Tube channel below to see this week’s showcase (it’s already posted!!)

What are you doing since the HOLIDAYS (and Covid)?
Let’s read how some folks have been spending their time these past months 

Sylva Williams:  We go to Ames Fitness Center every day which helps with the sanity! I've read more books. We had Christmas with our family and will be getting together in Cedar Rapids the end of this month. This next Tuesday Vintage will finally allow us to play bingo! 

Carol Barrick: I continue to heal in some very positive ways from Paxil withdrawal and resulting sudden hearing loss, tinnitus, and hyperacusis. I learned the hyperacusis is why music and loud noises suddenly were driving me up the wall. Thankfully I found the American Tinnitus Association and two support groups from Arizona and California via Zoom. Habituation, Mindfulness training, and Recovery International have over time made way for much recovery and more normalcy. 
 All this made possible Denny's and my ongoing search for housing in Ames. We found just the home there in December! So our COVID pastime is moving our household slowly (in our van) from Nevada to the tiny, adorable little house in a beautiful wooded area of Ames - with a view of the "woods" across the street! And welcoming neighbors.
You can send your quarantine projects and ideas to us at and we will share. Building community one project at a time.
Spotlight article: Senior Variety Show Valentine’s Couples

A dozen red roses is a traditional valentine’s gift. But how about some fun identifying the 1 dozen or 12 SVS Valentine’s couples below (12 “Roses” with 12 “Joes). Here’s the names of 12 couples so see if you can match them to the picture collage below! 

Duffie Lohr & Del Woodward        “Adam and Eve”           Marilynn and Bob Curry      
Shirley & Ken Shaw                      Pat & Louis Banitt             Kay & Roger Berger 
Jean & Bill Zmolek                       Jane & John Jacobson       Jan & George Beran 
Hannah & Dave Gradwohl         Vicky & Gary Stutzman      “Edith and Archie” 

 *Extra Credit: Who are: a) Adam and Eve? b) Edith and Archie? (answers below)

Don’t forget to stay in tune and rhythm with your fellow performers, friends and fun on the Senior Variety Show Facebook and You Tube!!!!      

Newsletter humor by Steve Bellin

There was a very brave, but very odd knight. While all others rode horses, he preferred to ride his faithful Great Dane.  

One evening, while returning from a trip, he found himself caught in a torrential downpour, and sought shelter at an inn. The innkeeper did not like knights, and refused to give him a room, but when he saw the dog standing there shaking and soaking wet, his heart softened. 

He couldn't turn a knight out on a dog like that. 

(And the innkeeper is a great example of a “valentine”!!) 


Valentines couple answers: Answers in reverse starting at bottom right corner to upper left corner:  Edith and Archie = 1; Vicky & Gary Stutsman = 2; …. Adam and Eve = 11; and Duffie Lohr and Del Woodward (now 100 years old!!) = 12. 
* Eve & Adam = Pat Meek & Skip Walter * Edith & Archie = Donna and Don Newbrough