March 31, 2016

Volume 8 Issue 13 
Both the FDA and the manufacturers continue to resolutely guard information about this program since I wrote last Fall about The Clozapine REMS Debacle. My Congressman, Adam Smith, failed to provide answers as did FDA lawyer Sarah Horowitz ( ( Full Post )
Movie of the Week
by ALL
Directors:Jean-Claude Lauzon
Starring:Maxime Collin
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Narrator Leo: "They say he is my father, but I know I'm not his son, because this man is crazy, and I am not." (0:03)

Narrator: "Confronted with my mother's panic, the doctor didn't have the courage to tell her that she had been impregnated by a contaminated tomato. (0:05) (Full Entry)

Tweetchat Movie 
You're Not You
Directors:George C. Wolfe
Starring:Hilary Swank
Amazon Video ~ Release Date: 2015-04-14
Amazon Video ~ Release Date: 2015-04-14
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Watch and Twitter Chat: 6:00 PM Pacific


Every Thursday around 6PM PT (so right coasters can join in and still get to bed on time) watch the designated movie and Tweetchat. While watching I will Tweet notes you can follow with,,, or If you Tweet your comments, too, I will put it all together for my blog post about the film. I begin each Tweet that refers to a specific place in the film with the time displayed (with Roku streaming the time displays when you pause the film.) to the earlier minute. For example, 0:12. You can watch instantly with your Roku, computer or other device via Netflix, order the DVD, or view on demand from Amazon.

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