January 2024

Progress Report

ORIGINS of Becoming

The origins of Becoming Church were intentional and strategic. 

The year Becoming was established was 2023, which is Jordan year! Our success and greatness won't be superficial. It will be because we try, fail, get up, learn, and try again. 

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan. 

The date was Wednesday, November 1, which was All Saints Day. We stand on the shoulders of those saints who have gone before us. We also stand in solidarity with the saints who have been neglected, unheard, hurt, harmed, judged in our present. We will be saints who put faith into action. We won't be a weekend church. We will be a church at the intersection of people's daily lives. We started in the middle of the week. Not on a Saturday or Sunday. Because we strive to be a church that gathers and then puts love into action throughout the week. 


1. Since Becoming Church was established, we have been busy and on the move. We have had 91 one-on-one conversations with folks interested in being a part of Becoming or partnering with Becoming. Most of those conversations happened in local spots around Oswego (I.e. Village Grind, Oak & Bean, Oswego Family Restaurant, Benny's). 

2. In addition to one-on-one meetings, we have been praying over the community, neighborhoods, businesses and streets of Oswego. We don't do so invasively or with an agenda. We are walking around and getting to know our people. Not forcing our religious beliefs or church onto anyone. Just being in relationship and centering those relationships in the life & story of God. 

3. We have been identifying, brainstorming and developing our leadership team. We have 4 co-leaders ready and on-boarded. We have 8 members on our launch team. We are in communication and look to offer great things in 2024. 

4. We have already been involved within the community. We have put in 45 hours of service through Hesed House, Aurora Participatory Democracy Hub, Boulder Hill, Bring Hope, Kane County Interfaith, Aurora local clergy network, and Wayside Cross.


5. We have been developing partnerships and relationships with community stakeholders within Oswego. This includes meeting with local pastors within the N. IL Synod, the affirming churches in Kendall County, and Oswego churches. 

6. We have been exploring gathering spaces that we could use to host large group gatherings for Becoming

7. Building up our social media presence. We want to be a church that is available and accessible to everyone. As research shows, the digital church is here to stay. We plan to be a church that invests time, talent and energy to our digital presence. We have a strong following on IG and Facebook. 

Vision for Becoming

We know our why and our vision of how Becoming will look and run. We are more than excited to have you join our why. The link below shows in detail our mission and reasons for being so committed to Becoming's ideas.


Leadership Development 

Since Becoming started we have been growing our team little by little. So far we have a group of people we call our "Lead Team" and our "Launch Team" all contributing and helping to get us started! You can find names and more information on the teams in the link below.


What does a church mission start look like? 

We want to be different than other churches in the area because another typical church is not needed in this area, Becoming's mission and idea is.


Involvement in Community 

Becoming has put our hands in our community in various different ways since its start. We have a consistent presence in different places on Mondays and Wednesdays. Besides those, we have hosted, volunteered and attended various beneficial events in our area.


Upcoming/How to get involved

If you are interested in what's happening at Becoming, follow us on IG and Facebook. We post every week. 

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Give to Becoming

Join us as we build something new. Be a part of Becoming from the very beginning.

Share your talents with us.

Share your voice with us.

Share your financial gifts with us. 

Your gift makes a HUGE difference in getting this new community launched.

Without your gift - big or small - we cannot dream and think BIG. 

We want to continue to build and grow. 

We cannot do that without you. 

Give to Becoming. 

Our team is calling these beginning donations : FOUNDATIONAL gifts.

10% of all proceeds from your FOUNDATIONAL gift will be set aside for outreach and mission within the community.

In an effort to make giving easy, we have two ways you can donate to Becoming:

  1. ZELLE : Use the the QR Code below and it will allow you to give to Becoming via Zelle.
  2. PAYPAL : Use this link to give to Becoming via PayPal : PayPalBECOMING

*In addition to accessibility, we also strive to have safe, secure giving. both Zelle and Paypal are trusted platforms for online giving.

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