We're in School - Because of You

 Before KSHP came into our schools and  gave us a Girl Child program . . . 
  • More than 230 of us dropped out of area schools every year  
  • 40% of us never finished grade 8
 That was sad because we are too young to  be married and bearing children.  

 So, when KSHP showed our teachers how  to help us and gave out personal supplies,  we girls were so happy! The girl child  program teaches us how to be safe and  strong - how to take care of ourselves.


 We meet every week for Girl Child Club. Not  a single girl in our school wants to miss this  meeting!  In fact, one week KSHP was late  to arrive, so our teachers sent us home. But  we hid in the bushes to wait. When we saw  the vehicle, we rushed out to meet Date so  we could have our meeting.  


 I can tell you, our behavior has changed!  


 This year, only FOUR girls in all our schools  have dropped out.  We are very proud of  that!  We counsel our sisters to stay in  school and to never give up.



Thank you for helping us 

stay in school.




 Here is our proudest moment -


Girls Dropout, 2011-2014

 23 zone schools, grades 4-8 


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Burlington, Vermont 05401