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Save the Date - Griz Biz 2019
Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 20, 2019, this will be the date of Griz Biz where families can pick up and complete paperwork, sign up for sports, open lunch accounts, tour the school, etc.
Xello – High School and Beyond Plan
Our district vision is Every Student Future Ready. Beginning in middle school and continuing throughout high school, as part of our vision, we help all students explore their skills and interests and discover potential future career and educational options. These activities are part of a state graduation requirement called The High School and Beyond Plan.
What it the High School and Beyond Plan?
The High School and Beyond Plan is a process designed to help students explore their learning styles and interests and connect their interests to high school course taking and post-secondary educational pathways and careers. Through the High School and Beyond Plan, students are encouraged to take ownership over their high school experience and choose coursework and activities that are relevant to their goals. As part of the process, students use an interactive web-based program called Xello. 
What is Xello?
Xello is a secure web-based program that helps students plan for their future. Students complete interactive activities that build self-knowledge and help them explore thousands of career and post-secondary education options. Students develop a personalized plan that they update and refine each year until graduation.
Xello helps students discover the pathway that is right for them, whether it involves a trade, college, university, entrepreneurship, or other training. As students gain self-knowledge through assessments and reflection, they save careers, schools, programs, and experiences to form a vibrant, visual portfolio to help them plan their future.
Each student is provided with a unique Xello account which only they can access and share. Students share their Xello pages with their parents, so parents are involved in the process.
RMS Students will begin to learn about the features of Xello in the first weeks of March. Counselors will be visiting students in their classes and we have dedicated time in Grizzly Time for students to complete these activities.
Capital Projects Levy - Guest Speaker
Mark your calendar! Come learn about the LWSD Capital Projects Levy. Approval of the April 23 levy will provide: 1) Projects for Growth; 2) Core Facilities; 3) Safety Improvements. 
Barbara Posthumus, Associate Superintendent, will join us in the Redmond Middle School library on Tuesday, March 12 from 7:00-7:30 PM. She will provide information about the levy and answer questions you may have. Following the speaker, the RMS PTSA will hold a vote of whether to endorse and support the levy. RMS Feeder elementary school families are invited to this information session, too. Come learn about the district’s needs and how approving this levy helps meet those needs.
Attend the First Green Team Meeting!
Redmond Middle Families! RMS PTSA, partnered with the school is happy to announce the formation of the RMS Green Team! Our first meeting will be after school on Friday, March 15. If you would like to attend, please email . We invite you to join our team to educate the community, combat waste and promote sustainability! 
RMS PTSA Seeks Leaders for Next Year
Will you have a student at RMS in the fall? Do you have an hour a week to support, engage and advocate for our students, staff and community? 
Your RMS PTSA nominating committee is currently seeking volunteers interested in joining the PTSA leadership team for the 2019-2020 school year. RMS PTSA members are eligible to become board members and will be elected at the PTSA General Meeting on April 16. Multiple positions available. Please Download a nomination form   and submit by April 2, 2019 or   contact the nominating committee   for more information.
Not a member but interested in making good things happen at RMS?   Join the PTSA   and become eligible.
Math Club News
On Friday, February 15th, 61 RMS students went to Mount Rainier High School to participate in  Math Is Cool  Seattle Region Division i competition. They brought home the following plaques and trophies:

6th Grade  Team, the  2nd place ;
7th Grade  Team, the  1st place ;
8th Grade  Team, the  3rd place ;
Grade 6 individuals :
Alon Ragoler , the 3rd place
Alan Duan , the 6th place
Aakarsh Balla , the 10th place
Anish Deshpande , the 11th place
Ethan Li , the 12th place
Grade 7 (Algebra) individuals :
Di Mao , the 1st place
Chris Ma , the 7th place
Michael Sheng , the 8th place

Grade 8 (Geometry) individuals :
Evan Kim , the 12th place
Congratulations to Math Club students!!!
Award Committee Volunteer Needed
Each year our PTSA presents awards to volunteers and staff members. One more person is needed for this year's committee. Sign up to participate . Most "work" can be done outside of the school day and at the committees convenience. Help determine who should receive the Outstanding Educator, Golden Acorn, and Golden Grizzly awards for 2018-2019.
It’s hard to believe but Daylight Saving time is just around the corner. Why not spring forward into savings and pick up a PTSA membership before summer? Members receive discounts on car rentals, at FedEx Office & Office Depot as well as multiple theme parks. We also printed 20 extra student directories –  join now  before they melt away like the snow.
'The Snuggery'- RMS Initiative for students in need
Redmond Middle School has created a food pantry/clothing closet for students in need of these extra resources during the school day or at home during the week. They have dubbed this room “The Snuggery”. It is updated on January 20th to reflect the current Individual Food Needs! Read More..
Season 4 sports: Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Track, Girls Volleyball
Sign ups will be during lunch ( A, B, and C ) on  March 18 and 19 .
  • If your student have not participated in sports this school year, paperwork (available at RMS ASB/Athletics office or RMS website) should be turned in at the office no later than March 29th.
  •  Fees can be paid Online via Parent Access (if this is your student’s 1st or 2nd sports this school year, then $75 participation fee is due. If Season 4 sports is your student’s 3rd or 4th sports this school year, then no fee is due.)
  • ASB membership $25 (paid once during the school year) is required for all after school activities, including athletics.
 Any questions please contact Mr. Mahendran ( ) or Ms. Poblete ( ).
A reminder that purchases made on Amazon using this link help RMS ASB.
Help RMS ASB by donating used clothing and shoes. The bin is located in the parking lot by the portables.
Fund the Grizzlies  –  Please donate to the Redmond Middle School Associated Student Body (ASB) to help fund student activities.
Redmond High School PTSA Seeks Leaders for Next Year
RHS PTSA is seeking adult family members who would be interested in a PTSA leadership position for the 2019 - 2020 school year. Multiple positions available. Contact us at  or visit  to learn more.
Adulting 101: Life After High School
High School Students! Come and learn about the following topics: jobs and resumes, financial foundations, dorm life, entrepreneurship and fake news. Download a flyer  with more details.
Friday, March 8, Noon to 4:00 PM, LWSD Resource Center Register HERE
Sponsored by the LWPTSA Council.
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