Earning and keeping your trust by developing top quality products that are affordable and accessible, and responding quickly to every incoming request, are very important goals for us. We at BeHear issue satisfaction surveys and value the inputs, which oftentimes guide our development efforts going forward. In this newsletter we’ll share creative ideas promoting hearing health in China, client feedback, and an article proposing that audiologists rethink their business model to stay relevant.

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Hearables, innovative hearing solutions, create an opportunity for holistic audiology
There is a lot of “buzz” around the idea that OTC (Over The Counter) hearing aids, soon to be defined by the FDA, will completely disrupt the audiology profession. In a recent blog post, we propose that audiologists see this change as an opportunity to expand their practice to serve their clients in new and exciting ways.

"Is it the perfect solution?"
Renny Spencer is both a photographer and a paramedic. Being able to hear well serves him in both professions. After using different hearing devices he tried BeHear. Check out Renny's answer to the question above in his recent review.

Expansion in China: BeHear deploys hearing check kiosks in 5 airports
Innovation in BeHear products doesn’t stop at the production phase, it is an important part of our sales strategy as well. A case in point: we are thrilled to work with a retail partner in China to deploy hearing check kiosks and the full range of BeHear products in the AI Smart Times airport stores in Shenzhen, Xian, Harbin, Hangzhou, and Zhengzhou. While waiting for their flight, travelers can self-check their hearing and choose an appropriate listening enhancement solution from the BeHear product line.

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