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Be prepared for a political storm

Every two years, US political campaigns flood the advertising landscape, presenting significant challenges for nonpolitical advertisers. The 2024 election cycle is no exception, with record political ad spending expected alongside the rise of misinformation fueled by generative AI.

Advertisers face inventory challenges as political spending is projected to reach $10.2 billion to $12 billion, driving up costs, especially in swing states and key counties. Timing is crucial, with the highest prices and limited inventory expected in October and early November, coinciding with the peak of political advertising.

Geographically, swing states like Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and others will see intense ad saturation, impacting ad rates and availability. Channels most affected will be CTV, linear TV, online display video, and social media.

Brand safety is paramount due to negative political content and misinformation risks. Advertisers must prioritize placement control, contextual targeting, and secure premium placements to mitigate these risks. They should also consider avoiding platforms with intense political conversations and opt for lighter, more positive creative strategies.

Understanding and adapting to the unique challenges of the 2024 election cycle are essential for advertisers to effectively reach their audiences and protect their brands amidst unprecedented political ad spending and the excess of misinformation.

Are You Ready for the Streaming Ad Revolution?

By the end of 2025, video advertising on Netflix, Amazon, and Walmart will be essential for marketers. While it might seem unexpected, given these companies have only recently ramped up their video ad efforts, the shift is significant.

Ad-supported streaming hasn't been a major focus historically, even as Americans spent more time on streaming services than traditional TV and pay TV households fell below 50%. Most streaming ads were limited to secondary platforms like Peacock, Paramount+, Pluto TV, and Roku Channel.

This changed in January when Amazon began running ads on Prime Video, joining Netflix and Disney+ in the ad-supported streaming arena. With 115 million Prime members, Amazon immediately added scale and legitimacy to this market. Amazon’s advanced targeting capabilities, combined with data from Alexa and Fire TV, make its advertising platform particularly powerful.

Walmart is on a similar trajectory. The retailer's recent $2 billion acquisition of Vizio enhances its ability to target ads using viewing data from Vizio’s smart TVs, creating a seamless connection between advertising and sales. Netflix, which introduced an ad-supported tier in 2022, is also expanding its ad offerings. By acquiring sports rights and investing in both original and licensed content, Netflix is becoming a key player in video advertising.

Marketers should start engaging with these platforms now to take advantage of early adopter deals and realign their CTV strategies. Developing new marketing and measurement approaches for this evolving landscape is crucial. This new era in advertising, marked by sophisticated targeting in premium video inventory, offers exciting opportunities for the future.

Which Apps are you tuned into?

In the first quarter of 2024, the majority of U.S. households tuned into three or fewer streaming or connected TV (CTV) apps. On average, viewers watched 9.4 programs.

The top three streaming apps, based on viewing time, were YouTube (20%), Netflix (17%), and Hulu (10%). YouTube TV accounted for 8% of viewing time, with Amazon Prime Video at 6%. Netflix led in household reach with 64%, followed by YouTube (57%), Hulu (41%), and Prime Video (34%). FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) platforms saw a notable increase, reaching 24% of households, up 9% from late 2023.

In TV program engagement, Netflix dominated with four shows in the top ten, while Amazon, Disney+, Peacock, Hulu, and Apple TV+ each had one. Amazon’s “Reacher” topped the TV program power score, with Netflix’s “Griselda” second. In movies, Netflix led with five of the top ten, and Amazon’s “Road House” was the most watched.

Ad engagement was also analyzed, showing premium CTV ads had a 56.1% attention rate, surpassing linear TV’s 54.5%. Linear TV, however, excelled in “presence in room” metrics at 76%, compared to premium CTV’s 73.9%. The first ad in a commercial pod performed best, with shorter pods engaging viewers more effectively, especially during prime-time.

Cracking the Gen Z Code

Reaching Gen Z consumers is a top priority for many brands. Though this demographic often seems inaccessible outside of TikTok, there are effective ways to engage them on TV and streaming platforms.

Contrary to popular belief, Gen Z doesn't have short attention spans. While they might watch content at faster speeds, it's due to the sheer volume of platforms and content types competing for their attention. Gen Z enjoys binge-watching and consuming lengthy series, even on TikTok.

Younger audiences are drawn to cross-platform content, with streaming premieres attracting viewers much younger than those on traditional TV. The potential lies in creating immersive platforms that combine gaming, shopping, and social interaction.

Gen Z favors a mix of subscription services like Netflix and Hulu along with free, ad-supported platforms like Tubi and the Roku Channel. They discover content through various means, including Google searches, podcast recommendations, and curated content hubs on connected TV platforms.

FAST platforms replicate traditional cable experiences but cater to Gen Z’s preference for diverse, dynamic content. These platforms' endless content flow and easy navigation resonate with younger viewers. Social media recommendations significantly influence Gen Z’s viewing choices, sometimes leading them to watch entire series in short-form segments on TikTok, as it delivers content in their preferred format.

Is Fast Food the New Luxury?

In a surprising turn of events, a recent survey has sparked widespread media interest by posing an unexpected question: Is fast food becoming a luxury? Nearly 80% of Americans now think so.

Chick-fil-A emerged as the top "luxury" fast food brand, followed by Starbucks and Chipotle. Despite their love for fast food—three in four Americans eat it at least once a week—62% reported eating it less due to increased prices. Moreover, 65% were "shocked" by how much fast food prices have risen in the past six months.

The perception of fast food as a luxury is driven by its rising costs and personal financial struggles, especially among lower-income Americans, parents with young children, Gen Zers, and women. McDonald's, facing significant backlash over price hikes, argued that their price increases are below inflation rates. Nonetheless, the data shows that fast food prices have indeed climbed across the board.

In response to consumer discontent, major fast food chains are preparing to launch bundled value meals this summer, aiming to attract budget-conscious customers back to their establishments. According to the survey, 72% of respondents indicated they’d be more likely to eat fast food during off-hours if discounts were available. As the debate continues, it’s clear that while fast food may now be seen as a luxury, Americans are still eager for a good deal.


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