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Texas Schools Receive Billions in Federal Money for Post-Pandemic Tutoring
The Texas Education Agency has earmarked $4.1 billion dollars in federal stimulus funding for high dosage tutoring programs to address the academic impact of the pandemic across the state.
Texas students of color returned to in-person learning at below-average rates.  Experts say the reasons are nuanced.
Students of color returned to in-person learning at rates much lower than their white peers.  Reasons vary from fear and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, social challenges in schools unique to race and identity, or increased economic strain. STAAR results show that districts with higher numbers of remote learners experienced significantly higher drops in performance than those with primarily in-person learning. 
Texas Senators approve tougher ‘anti-critical race theory’ bill but its success unlikely
In the Legislative special session, the Texas Senate has approved a proposal that seeks to shorten the list of required documents required to be taught in social studies curriculum, removing the history of Native Americans and the history of white supremacy. The proposal also extends guidelines for how current events can be discussed to include educators of all subjects. The bill will unlikely move forward this session, but could resurface in the future.   
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Kids Are Behind on Routine Vaccinations. Here’s What Schools Can Do About It
Due to skipped immunizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, large numbers of students may not be able to start school on time. Experts are urging schools to frequently remind families about vaccination requirements surrounding enrollment. 
The new child tax credit could lift more than 5 million kids out of poverty. Can it help them learn, too?
The American Rescue Plan includes an expansion of the child tax credit program. This program is expected to cut child poverty in half, providing better economic mobility for families that will translate directly to academic outcomes and future earnings for children.
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