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'Best of both worlds:' This Dallas hybrid school is the first of its kind in Texas

Dallas Hybrid Preparatory opened in the Fall of 2021 and serves grades 3-8. Students attend in person two days per week and learn from home the other three days. The Texas Commission on Virtual Education, is collecting data from the school for research on the effectiveness of a hybrid education model to be used in the future. Dallas Hybrid Prep was rated a “B” overall by TEA in the 2022 school year.

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What do students want to see in their school board members this election cycle? We asked them

High school students surveyed in Fort Worth voiced what they hope for in a school board trustee ahead of the upcoming May 6 election. Overall, students articulated a desire for more funding for programs, enhanced safety, and trustees that ask for student and staff input.

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Statewide News

Veterans could combat teacher shortages under Texas bill

HB 621 would enable veterans who served four years to apply for a teaching certificate without a bachelor’s degree and work under the temporary certificate for up to five years. Currently, to become a certified teacher in Texas, candidates must have a bachelor's degree, complete an educator preparation program, and pass related exams.

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Senate Approves Teacher Pay Raises, Education Savings Accounts

The Senate approved SB 9 that would grant a $2000 pay raise for all Texas teachers and a $6000 pay raise for those in smaller districts. The bill would allow teachers to qualify for pre-K programs at campuses where they teach. The  “Parental Bill of Rights” or SB 8 was also approved, allowing parents to apply for $8000 in state funds to be placed in an Educational Savings Account to pay for private school or other educational expenses. These proposals will now move to the House of Representatives.

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Texas House votes against using public funding for school vouchers

State representatives approved an amendment to House Bill 1, the Biennial Budget, that prohibits the use of state funds for school vouchers or other similar programs. This vote came the same day that the Texas Senate approved SB 8, which would create Education Savings Accounts for families that opt out of the public school system. Representatives voted down an additional proposed amendment that would have taken an additional $4B to increase teacher salaries from property tax reduction.

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National News

Inside a growing federal effort to prepare students for cybersecurity careers

CTE Cybernet, a program launched by the Department of Education in 2020, trains educators to launch cybersecurity programs at their schools. The program aims to help students understand security risks that come with technology and fill the talent gap of more than 700,000 unfilled positions in the cybersecurity field.

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To help new students adapt, some colleges are eliminating grades

Some universities are adopting “un-grading” to ease the transition into higher education. Advocates for the policy argue that grades are not an accurate representation of learning, and preoccupation with grades negatively affects student mental health. Those in opposition argue that grades are critical feedback to help students succeed and master material.

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4 Tips for Reading Success: How to Combine Screens and Printed Text

Digital assets have increased in school libraries with schools allocating more money towards digital media than print for the first time in 2021. Experts encourage educators to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each format to best grow literacy skills. Studies show that printed materials allow for higher overarching comprehension and sequencing, while e-books can be more accessible to students with special needs.

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