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Local News
Statewide News
Apprenticeship Program In Texas To Address Teacher Talent Pipeline
The first paid teacher residency apprenticeships will soon be offered by Dallas College, allowing participants a chance to gain real-world experience and earn a salary while earning a teaching degree. Students will earn $30,000 in year-long residencies beginning in Fall 2022.
TEA Announces Immediate Expansion of Teacher Vacancy Task Force to Include Two Dozen Additional Texas Public School Teachers
The Teacher Vacancy Task Force launched on March 10 has now been expanded to include current classroom teachers as well as school system administrators. The task force aims to address the significant staffing challenges facing Texas public schools and make recommendations to address these issues.
National News
6 in 10 teachers experienced physical violence or verbal aggression during COVID
A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found that 59% of teachers and 58% of administrators reported being victimized in some way at work during the 2020-2021 school year. Physical aggression from students is attributed to other unmet needs, and experts believe teachers can be better trained to de-escalate situations. Verbal aggression is most likely to come from parents.
Community college enrollment is down, but skilled-trades programs are booming
Two year colleges are down 750,000 students in enrollment, but associate’s degree programs in skilled-trades such as HVAC, construction, and auto repair have seen enrollment numbers increase. Many students see the value in graduating with a skilled-trade program as it holds the possibility of securing a high-paying job without taking on too much debt. 
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