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Thank you for the incredible help in crisis mode last week. We are continuing to assess support needs in our partner schools and you can participate in storm relief efforts here. THANK YOU.
Local News
Statewide News
Many Texas students can skip STAAR tests this year, but high schoolers might have to show up to graduate
High school students must still meet the requirement of passing five subject-specific courses in order to graduate.
Texas to get $5.5 billion more in federal funding for schools but won’t say how it will be spent
The state will distribute a second round of education stimulus packages to districts. It is unclear to educators whether these funds can be used to address learning losses, or if they’ll be directed toward physical and digital infrastructure needs.
National News
Education Dept. Launches First Federal Effort To Track School Reopening
The National Center for Education Statistics will survey elementary and middle schools across the country from February through at least June 2021.
More teachers are asked to double up, instructing kids at school and at home simultaneously
Concurrent teaching of in-person and virtual students demands more from teachers and may lead to burnout, but proponents say it allows for a smoother transition into fully in-person instruction.
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