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Texas schools can revise social distancing to 3 feet under updated guidance
The Texas Education Agency issued the updated guidelines in coordination with the CDC, which said 3 feet of distancing is safe in elementary schools as long as masks are worn. Texas school districts can choose whether to mandate masks on campus.
Will Texas seniors who failed STAAR tests be able to graduate on time during the pandemic? Lawmakers debate options that could allow them to walk
The Legislature is considering alternative graduation options for students who don’t pass end-of-year tests, such as waiving those requirements for this year.
School nurses have become crucial in battling the pandemic, but Texas doesn’t require districts to have them
Many public schools don’t have full-time nurses, but they play a valuable role serving on the frontlines of the pandemic by tracking and testing virus exposure and managing trauma among students.
National News
Homeschooling Doubled During the Pandemic, U.S. Census Survey Finds
The number of homeschooling households doubled between spring to fall 2020. Rates increased most dramatically among respondents who identified as Black.
Some Schools Have Been Open for Months. Here’s What They Learned.
Open ventilation, air cleaning, and regular testing have proven effective, while daily temperature checks and deep cleaning of surfaces has become de-prioritized.
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