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More than 1,400 students participate in all-level TMSCA Invitational Meet

Over 1,400 Dallas ISD students from 75 schools competed in various academic events at the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association (TMSCA) Dallas ISD Invitational Meet. TMSCA participation helps students excel in timed testing, instills pride in academic achievement, and encourages goal-setting. In the coming months, STEM students will continue to prepare for state competitions through additional invitational meets.

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Principal For A Day is a teaching experience for students—and for execs

The "Principal For a Day" program in Dallas recently celebrated its twenty-third year, where over 200 civic leaders visited schools to interact with students and offer real-world insights into various professions. The program aimed to bridge the gap between students and professionals, helping students gain a better understanding of different careers.

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Dallas relies on international teachers more than any other school district in the U.S.

Dallas schools face a shortage of bilingual educators due to the high number of non-English-speaking students. To address this, Dallas ISD sponsors a significant number of visas for international teachers. International teachers play a crucial role when bilingual teachers are not readily available, contributing to the diverse and culturally enriching classroom environment.

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Statewide News

Texas’ main voucher bill seeks to avoid other states’ mistakes but keeps ideas that attracted criticism

The Texas Senate’s main school voucher bill mirrors education savings account programs in Arizona and Florida, which enable families to use taxpayer funds for private schooling and educational expenses. The Texas bill attempts to address some of the issues seen in these programs, including fraud prevention, but critics are concerned about funding caps and the lack of academic achievement exams for private school students.

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Texas needs water workers. Will high school students answer the call?

Texas is facing a significant shortage of water and wastewater workers as many are set to retire, with no influx of new talent to replace them. To address this issue, Texas lawmakers passed House Bill 1845, which allows high school students to work toward becoming water or wastewater operators while still in school.

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Why Texas school funding still isn’t fair

The Texas school funding system remains inequitable and confusing, and property tax increases do not automatically lead to more funding for schools. Texas consistently ranks among the lowest states in per-student education spending, with funding remaining stagnant since 2019. The introduction of Golden Pennies, protected money exempt from recapture, benefits a select few districts, while automatic tax compression, introduced in 2019, leads to reduced property tax rates, which may ultimately reduce funding for public schools.

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National News

More states are teaching financial literacy. It could pay off for students struggling with math

An increasing number of U.S. states are introducing laws and policies that require personal finance education for high school graduation, aiming to teach students important life skills. These courses, which include topics like budgeting, saving, investing, and managing credit, are often integrated into traditional math curricula. Advocates believe that by connecting math to real-life financial decision-making, students may develop a greater interest in the subject and make wiser money choices.

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Here’s What High School Students of Color Think About Being a Teacher

High school students of color have shared their perspectives on why they might not consider a career in teaching, citing factors such as low salaries and financial concerns as deterrents to entering the teaching profession. There is a need for more attention to students' perspectives in discussions about increasing diversity in the teaching profession.

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