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Texas school shootings are rare, but experts worry about an uptick during pandemic
School safety experts are concerned that we could see an uptick in incidents like the school shooting in Arlington, TX last week as students return to in-person learning after experiencing increased stress due to the pandemic. 30 cases of gunfire have occurred on Texas school campuses this school year between August 1st and September 15th.
Pandemic's drain on education could become economic problem for Texas
As proficiency in math and literacy have dropped significantly since the start of the pandemic, this drop could translate to an average 6% reduction in lifetime earnings for the 5.5 million students enrolled in Texas public schools. Regional colleges and universities have seen a dramatic decline in enrollment particularly with male, low-income, and minority students.
STAAR test to be administered fully online starting next school year
The STAAR test will be administered fully online starting in the 2022-2023 school year. After the multitude of technical issues in the 2021 optional online administration of the test, many educators are concerned about possible chaos surrounding the high-stakes testing without ample technical support. 
National News
‘Test to Stay': New Approach Keeps COVID-Exposed Students in Class
In order to cut down on lost instructional time due to COVID-19 exposure, many school districts across the nation are beginning to explore alternatives to mass quarantines of those in close contact with individuals who tested positive. Frequent COVID tests of those exposed, limiting quarantine based on vaccination status, and skipping quarantine if masked are all strategies being used to keep more students learning in-person at schools.
A Generation of American Men Give Up on College: ‘I Just Feel Lost’
In the 2020-2021 academic year, women made up 59.5% of college students and men 40.5%. Overall college enrollment has declined by 1.5 million students in the last 5 years with young men accounting for 71% of the decline. Many men interviewed across the U.S. stated that they do not see enough value in a college degree due to increased costs.
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