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Caring for Families Who Love Their Pets
Be an angel
  to pets during the holidays


Tap the hood of your car before starting it.  Homeless animals often hide under warm cars and engines to stay warm.

2. Decorations 

Lightcords, when chewed or frayed, can cause severe burns or electrocution.

Ribbons, tinsel, and confetti can lead to trips to the emergency room, often resulting in complicated surgery or even death.

Ingesting holly or mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal upset and cardiovascular problems. 

Prevent these disasters by keeping decorations out of your pet's reach.

3. Candles 

Don't leave lighted candles unattended. Pets may burn themselves or cause a fire if they knock candles over. Be sure to use appropriate candle holders, placed on a stable surface.

If you leave the room, put the candle out.

4. Party Foods  

If your celebration includes adult holiday beverages, be sure to place your unattended alcoholic drinks where pets cannot get to them.

Cut the bottoms off empty chip bags to prevent suffocation while lapping up the last few crumbs. 

5. Noise

Noisy poppers, loud guests and fireworks can terrify pets and cause them to crawl into unusual hiding spots.   Provide solitude for your pet to help ease the holiday stress.

Be an angel to someone who is grieving

This time of year can be a very happy and joyous time for many, however it can also intensify grief for those who recently lost a loved one.  Maybe a friend, family member, or co-worker recently lost a pet and you wonder what to say to them during their time of grief.  You want to say the right thing, the comforting thing, but what exactly is that?

There are no  "shoulds" when it comes to being there for someone who is grieving, but many grief experts believe the most important way you can assist a grieving person is to be a "caring presence." Here are a few ways you can accomplish that goal:
             1.  Try not to "fix" the situation.  Simply being
                   present can help ease their sorrow.
             2.  You can express they are not alone by saying
                   something like, "If you feel like talking, I'm here to
             3.   Listen and validate their feelings.  Repeat back
                   what they said -- "You miss the way Fluffy used
                   to wait for his afternoon snack."
              4.  Listen to what they want to say. 
              5.  Actions can speak for you.  Companionship  
                   while performing holiday tasks like cooking
                   and decorating can help tremendously. 

Grief is a long process and your continued support can be helpful, especially over the holiday season as traditions are remembered. With this in mind, just spending time with a grieving person will provide comfort to a heavy heart.

For more information on grief resources, please visit 


If you lost your "angel"....
What a beautiful memorial to keep close by and  "Forever in our Hearts".  The resin boulder is embraced with a wistful angel holding a tribute of flowers.  This urn measures 11" X 9" X 4 ½"  and will accommodate cremains for either your beloved kitty or your faithful canine.   The 5" X 4" photo frame allows you to easily insert a favorite picture of your beloved companion. The fastened bottom closure keeps everything secure forevermore.
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Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday,


Deb Chebatoris
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation