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August 25, 2023

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Watch Your Wake

Waves cause damage to shorelines, docks, and moored boats and are dangerous for swimmers, and small boats. Always be aware of the size of your wake and its' impact on the shoreline, swimmers, and other boaters in your vicinity. Know your boat's no-wake speed and use it in No Wake Zones.

Remember the speed limit is 9km/h within 30m of shore.

WATCH: Be Wake Aware>

READ and PRINT: Boating on Lake of Bays>

LEARN MORE: At safequiet.ca>

Keep sending in your photos for the 2023 contest

Open to all Lake of Bays Association members and families. Photos must be previously unpublished and taken in the current year--limit of 5 per category. They must be in high-resolution, digital format and sent to info@loba.ca, subject line Lake of Bays Association photo contest. Deadline December 30, 2023.

LIFE at the LAKE: people, pets and dwellings

NATURE: wild plants and animals

LANDSCAPE: land, water and sky

Third Place Life at the Lake

2022 Photo Contest

Kelsey Wolff

Third Place Nature

2022 Photo Contest

Paul Madder

Third Place Landscape

2022 Photo Contest

David Ticoll

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photo by George Nickerson

2022 Photo Contest

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photo by David Kennedy

2022 Photo Contest

The purpose of the Lake of Bays Association is to promote, sustain and enhance a clean and healthy natural environment, a well-serviced community and a safe and peaceful Lake of Bays.

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